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A quick update on the Cut The Cost of Footie survey and campaign:

The Sun’s front page reports today that Bolton Wanderers have become the first Premiership club to slash new season ticket prices in response to the Cut the Cost of Footie Campaign.

Last week The Sun featured the results of the FFC ‘Cut the Cost of Footie?’ Survey showing 96% of fans felt Premiership clubs should use increased TV revenes to cut ticket prices and highlighting some of the sacrifices our members make to follow their teams: ‘Do more overtime’, ‘Not eating properly!’ ‘No savings :-(‘ and more… Click Here for link to Sun article

Bolton Chiefs will cut the price of seats, barring corporate hospitality deals, by an average 10% for next term. Manager Sam Allardyce said: “The Sun’s been at the forefront of the campaign to reduce prices, and we are delighted we can show the way to do it and put something back into the game.’


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  • The cost of footie in the Premiership has only gone up marginallly in the last 3 years at many clubs, but gates are going down. If they paid higher prices 3 years ago why won’t they pay higher prices now. The answer is not the price but the predictability of the league and where the trophies are going. Don’t get me wrong prices are too high and players are obscenely overpaid – but it is the predictability of the big 4 that is the main factor in the currrent downturn.

    Are gates down by the same amount in the Championship and Divs 1 and 2 – or will that prove me wrong??

  • Bring on the £200 season ticket. Lets not ******foot around with percentages. Bolton received £7.2 million in gate receipts last season. Their offer of 10% only means a drop to £6.5 million if their gates only remain static. If the gates go up then they will generate more when catering and merchandising is taken into account. This really is just a drop in the ocean when you consider that the worst team in the league next season is guaranteed £30 million of TV money anyway. Last season Villas turnover was just under £50 million. £11 million of that was match receipts. When you consider our wage bill was £25 million it is not hard to see where the problem lies. A system must be introduced to massively reduce wages. If this means that less foreign players want to play here then so be it. This in turn will mean more English talent coming through and a return to sense. It is a football wide problem not just Villa but ask yourself this. How hard have you worked over the last 12 days since Villa last played? How much have you earned for your trouble? £500? £1000? A couple of grand if you are lucky? In that same time JPA (and this is not a dig at him because many players earn more, and if truth be told if someone offered me the money I would snap their hand off) has earned approx £75,000. Like the rest of the team he hasn’t had to kick a ball in anger. On top of this he has been whisked away with the rest of the squad for a few days in Marbella. A tough life for that £75K isn’t it? Now these players deserve good money because ultimately their career is reasonably short and it is them that the public are paying to watch. But a couple of grand a week basic wage with massive end of season bonuses based on success sounds reasonable to me. If you come bottom of the league you pick up your basic wage of £100,000 per year. Then have a sliding scale up to a couple of million a year for the players in the successful teams. You can guarantee they would work for their money then.

  • Two clubs so far have stated their Intentions, wonder what the new management at Villa will do, I wonder if the season tickets for £200 will float to the surface? Or will Villa follow the clubs that go for a price freeze.

  • It isn’t easy is it? To bring in the top players with top wages they have to make some money but all the empty seats in the Prem has to be about money as well as the predictability. This has been a great season for Bolton and yet still they can’t fill the ground. I would imagine if we were up there we’d have sell outs most games? I also think the stupid kick off times have a massive effect, 12 noon on a Sunday, 5.15 on a saturday etc. If they can show live games, then why not let them show live games at the traditional times, get the game back to what it was, a fans game.

  • Good point JF. I do wonder what the actual affect of screening a live game at 3pm on a Saturday would be? Everyone assumes it would have an adverse affect on attendances but they have never ever actually tried it as far as I am aware. If Villa were playing at home I would be there regardless of which game is being televised at the same time.

  • A price freeze would be a tremendous gesture by the new owner and board, and hopefully that will encourage more supporters to step up to the plate this summer to purchase season tickets, and send gates soaring at every home game next season. Supporters can see the plans and intentions of Mr Lerner and co, the exciting new signings, and the prospect of an exciting successful future, and really now need to start supporting the club week in, week out, turning up in numbers at all the games, not just the Man Utd, Liverpool etc games. I’m not particularly excited or keen on a 200 quid season ticket, I dont think that thats the way forward. Give out free tickets to schools etc, get the youngsters in and supporting the club, but lets not start selling season tickets on the cheap.

  • When Villa are still paying Hendrie a million a year to play on loan for a Championship side it shows where the money is going. The fans as usual are being charged a premium for not so premium footballers and it’s about time the power within football was reversed back from the players to the Clubs. An obscene amount of money has been ploughed into the Premiership and instead of it being used to forever pay footballers more money than they deserve it should be used to make football once again an accessible game that families can afford to go and watch. Football has always been the sport of the working man but over the past 15 years the working man has been driven out of football by cost and the power of television. Their influence to move games to suit the armchair fan and showing little regard for the paying fans has been long tolerated by Clubs because of the revenue they receive. However the disenchantment of fans and the ever emptying stadiums must be a wake up call for all Clubs. The life blood of all Clubs are the fans who week in week out roll through the turnstiles and buy merchandise, cheer the team on and remain loyal to a Club, not a Sky dish.

  • Two things. Col8 Stoke are paying just £6k per week for Hendrie. The rest of his wages are still being funded by the Villa. (I can not reveal my source). Secondly Glensider. You have mentioned on several occasions that you are reasonably affluent and the cost of tickets is not an issue to you. This should not mean that you want prices to remain high for everybody else. Yes Villa are reasonably priced in comparison to other clubs, but overall football is massively over priced and over hyped. The £200 season ticket will mean the club actually generating more money than on its current pricing policy, providing 35,000 season tickets are sold. It also means that the redevelopment of Villa Park is brought forward. This in turn will lead to bigger crowds, more money and better players coming to Villa Park. Bring on the £200 season ticket.

  • col8, my Hendrie reference was just an illustration as to the nonsense the football world has become regarding wages, not a stand alone comment. I bear no grudges for the fact footballers get such a wage but common sense should prevail and the footballing world should start to redress the balance of power within the industry from player back to Club. It is the paying public that ultimately pays the price, whether it is through season tickets, merchandise, sky subscriptions or products endorsed in the promotion and sponsorship of football. Whichever way you look at it the fans are paying for ludicrous wages and over rated players and the sooner wages are addressed and performance related pay is introduced the better for all. Only then will the true professionals within the game be paid their worth and the rest will be paid a sensible amount to match their ability and desire to play 90 minutes (if their lucky) of football a week.

  • voth, your comment ‘ Glensider,You have mentioned on several occasions that you are reasonably affluent and the cost of tickets is not an issue to you’ suggests I need to watch what I say, and how I say it. If I have indeed spoken in such terms then I take them back. My lifestyle, monetary situation, is nothing I would care to even remotely discuss on here. However, that apart, I stick to what I’ve said before. I dont think pricing at VP is in any way abused, certainly not compared to other clubs, and I dont think this suggested 200 quid season ticket would be of long term benefit to the club. Introduce it as a one off to current non season ticket holders only maybe, as a way to lure them to VP on a regular basis, but common sense tells us no club would survive in todays world bt selling s/t at such a low price.

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