Date: 3rd March 2010 at 11:22am
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I chose to travel to Wembley on Sunday via a mate’s house near Heathrow by car and a train to Wembley Stadium Station after a short taxi journey to West Ruislip. It all went according to plan and apart from the obvious disappointing bits, like the ref and losing, I had a pretty good day. That is, until after the game.

The approach to the station has got to be the most dangerous place I’ve found myself in since the early eighties! I would estimate around 10,000 supporters were funnelled into a road with high fences on both sides for around 250 yards. Now, Villa fans on the whole are an amiable bunch but having just lost a cup final in unsatisfactory circumstances, being forced to queue among crowing Man Utd supporters with cockney accents proclaiming how we were ‘whining Brummies’ and ‘bad losers’was just too much for some to bear and scuffles broke out on several occasions.

It was unnecessary, it was a tiny minority and in the end, peace was only restored because sensible people outnumbered the lunatics. There were no police or stewards to be seen until we reached the station and truth be told – I was scared!

I roll the clock forward to semi-final or final day and God forbid we end up playing Blues!! Regardless as to who wins, that approach to Wembley Stadium station will be a bloodbath. I shall have to seriously consider an alternative method of getting to Wembley unless some form of total segregation is employed, so be warned – the station is at the end of The Chiltern Line which leaves Brum from Snow Hill, through Tysley and Solihull.