Date: 1st June 2006 at 6:33pm
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Not sure if this is just an agent trying to ‘position’ a move for his player or not!

As we reported last weekend numerous articles have Villa being linked with Manchester City and former England full back Danny Mills.

Citeh have decided to allow Mills to leave for a fee of around £1million and David O’Leary is apparently interested in the 29-year-old.

Not sure if any Villa fans realise that O’Leary was ever at Leeds (!) but when he was at Leeds (copyright DOL) he signed Mills for £4.5million from Charlton.

O’Leary is desperate to re-enforce his defence, especially after last seasons injury nightmares. A report in the Birmingham Mail says that Villa are set to lose Mark Delaney which would come as no shock after the contract wrangles last season and also Jlloyd Samuel. What baffles me is if we are looking to get re-enforcements, why sell Jlloyd and Delaney who are as good as any of the current players being linked in?

Mills agent, Neil Featherby told icbrum:

‘Villa are a big club and Danny knows the manager well. We have not had anyone make an official approach from Villa but it would be wrong to say that we wouldn’t be interested in talking to them if there was interest on their part. It is something that could happen, and if it did, it would work. But like everything else it is dependant on so many permutations.’

Permutations? Doug + wages = no money?!

Our latest poll is asking if, judging by our lack of funds, if you would like to see Danny Mills sign for Villa. He is often controversial and certainly gets ‘nasty’ on the pitch. I’d rather see us going for younger players but Villa sure as heck have lacked battle and bite in recent seasons, so I wouldn’t think it was a bad move for such an experienced player. On the flip-side, as others have said on the message boards, if he isn’t good enough for Manchester City, why would he be good enough for us?


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  • So is Mark Delaney when fit. Trouble is the ‘when fit’ part. He would bring a bit of bite and aggression to our ‘nice’ lads though.

  • He’s no better than Hughes or Delaney. Total waste of time. Why not use what little funds we have on areas of the team that need it???

  • signing mills would free up hughes for a central defencive position which is where he plays for and captains northern ireland.

  • he will also put a bit of bite and aggression into our quiet little nice team…communication.

  • i think u could do better then him, but he’s still a good player, he’s getting on abit know

  • Having Mills at right back will allow better options across the defence. It free’s Hughes to play at centre-back or even left-back if needed. We’ll also then have a player with some bite, some bottle and a player who, for once, will have a POSITIVE effe

  • I wouldnt mind him siging purley to add some bite, we have been crying out for a nasty player for quite a while. He might not be any better than Delaney as some people point out but he may be fit more often!

  • DOL is clutching at straws again, another dirty ex Leeds player who likes to get sent off, most of our team hate him why would you buy a player that no-one lese gets on with!?
    We have 2 right backs, delaney is better and more committed.
    Put the 1 mill t

  • What is O’Leary trying to do? Turn us into Leeds Utd 2001? He is one of the most unpopular players in football and for a good reason. Plus he isn’t even average.

  • He would add one or two of the missing ingredients so sadly lacking in our defense last season. Even if he wasn’t to become a regular, he’d add some experience and bite to what is surely going to be a wafer thin squad. If he was to establish a starting pl

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