Date: 8th February 2009 at 11:28am
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So 25 games in, third spot and three points from the top (or eight points if Man U win their games in hand). That’s unquestionably seriously amazing.

Pre season expectations were that many of us were confident we could knock Everton out of fifth, but we were also wary of Manchester City (with all their money) and Spurs (mostly due to media hype) and so realistic (discounting the O’Neil lovers and the traditional doom mongers evaluations) predictions for a final league position ranged from 5th to 8th, but we are 3rd so is this a realistic position or not?????

As a an experienced (over 30 years) Villa fan I’m waiting for the collapse, but I’m also enjoying the current run immensely. Seven consecutive away wins? Pinch me! We have never done that before

Long time supporters aren’t used to Randy Lerner and Martin O’Neill, but you better believe they are winners and Villa haven’t been associated with winners for a long time. The League Cup victory back in the 90s is a long time ago, and that was a different environment then too.

I’m pretty sure we wont win the premier league this season, but that’s only down to Manchester United. If they weren’t as good as the are, I think we could pull it off. The fact that people are talking about Villa as title contenders is fantastic.

Dare we dream?

Dare we?

Traditional Villa fans are waiting for the collapse, but is Martin O’Neill?


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  • Course we can. We’ve done it before and we will do it again. I have seen us win everthing but the FA cup – time to put that one right for starters! Think runners up and FA cup winers will do for me!!

  • Like Jake, I’ve seen Villa win everything but the FA Cup. A winning trip to Wembley would be a glorious climax to a wonderful season. Thing is, the way we’re playing, expectation has gone through the roof! Dare I say it – t-t-t-t-treble anyone ?

  • Vulcan, as a villa fan for over 40 years I know what you mean about “waiting for the collapse” but I don’t think so this season. After about 80 mins yesterday Deano turned to me and said “Oh no, here we go 1-1” and I tiold him “No, mate, 2-0”. I wouldn’t have had that confidence evern last season, but there is a resilience about this side that I don’t think I’ve ever seen before…not even in 81. 3rd place is ours for the taking now and if we keep it up we could even finish 2nd. YES we can dream mate, only now our dreams can easily become reality.

  • Totally agree with Jonah. When we are one up going into the last ten minutes we don’t expect to concede any more, We expect to win. Full marks to all the players (Petrov and Milner were awesome) but a special mention to Zat Knight. The biggest tribute to him is that we haven’t missed thr Great Dane yet! I have been watching Villa for over 45 years, and this team DOES have the feel of 1981 about it BUT I don’t think we have enough depth to seriuosly challenge on three fronts. In 1981 we went out of both Cups early and weren’t in Europe. Third place and the FA Cup would be the dream, then I will have seen us win the League, the FA Cup, the League Cup and the European Cup (not forgetting the Inter Toto and the Super Cup!!) I just hope my kids get the same opportunity!

  • What can we achieve? Anything! What should we expect? Nothing, if we have any sense. Listen to Big Brad – we must take each game as it comes and hang in there through the rough times – which will surely come. Don’t forget, if you only focus on the end, you miss the ride!! I’d certainly like to second krfeskvilla’s mention of Zat, who took some absolutely disgusting comments but has been a rock. For those who have not yet realised it, THIS IS WHY WE HAVE A SQUAD, WITH SQUAD PLAYERS!

  • I can never understand why Brummies, no, VILLA BRUMMIES have been so down on Zat Knight. The guy is Villa through and through and is living the dream we all have. Well said BobTheBuilder! I thought he, alongside Petrov and Milner were easily our best performers.

  • I won’t kid you and pretend I havent daydreamed about Gareth lifting the Premier League trophy. I have, nearly every day. I feel sick when thinking about the losses at Stoke, Newcastle and Middlesbourough. Lets face it, we should be top. If Gareth hadnt of give the ball away at the Britannia…if Gabby had put away his chance against what is now a poor, poor Newcastle team, if Sidwell hadnt of….well, you get my drift. Those mistakes will come back and haunt us Im afraid folks. I have dreamt…but then I woke up. Like I said on another thread – “we are Villa and we dont win stuff”.

  • rawlie this is all down to our fabulous local radio stations where they always have to have a villan,one for each team really,and ticking clocks for the manager if a team is struggling,tom ross has got to be the biggest culprit of this remember him ruining the carear of gary charles with his wichhunt…wm are always slagging wolves players etc
    zat knight is a brilliant player plays fantastic alongside curtis davies!

  • Zat was poor at the start but now, under MON and his crew he has improved 100%. They should take the credit as well as Zat.

  • You guys will comfortably finish fourth. I’m sure of that. Along with CL money, O’Neil will build a superb squad, and then you will be genune title contenders!!!

  • i reckon the next three games are the most pivotal of the season for us! of course, each game in the final half will be as important as the next. so long as we hold our pace. but with progress in each of these coming games, i feel our dreams can start to take the shiny shape it deserves. the FA tie with evy, the UEFA home leg with CSKA, and the home game against chelsea. everything crossed for february! UTV!

  • The next league match against Chelsea is massive for us – a bit of a six pointer really. If we can get something from Chelsea then we’ll be in a great position. To be honest, as much as I would obviously LOVE to win something, as great as it would be for the club to get into the Champions League, even if we don’t, this will be one of the greatest seasons the club has had in a long time just because we’re thinking that we ‘might’! When was the last time we thought that?

  • I gave Zat a little bit of stick on this site and has he proved me wrong last few games he has been awesome i salute you Mister knight. PS 4th place will do nicely and semi finale of FA cup so i can watch the lads at the new wembley lets keep our fingers crossed.

  • Forget dreaming, start believing. I think the 1st 11 have gone past the point of collapsing, where the fans know (if history has taught us anything) it is just around the corner. Against Wigan and B’burn we have just started to play really well and hitting form. The press and London based ‘biased’ media were all saying ‘it wont last’, ‘the luck will run out’, but that was us playing badly and grinding out wins. If we can find, and hit the form we were in at the end of last season where we netted 20 in 5 games, we will seriously rock the establishment – form couldnt have come at a better time aswell because our fixtures in March will make or break our season. So as I said forget dreaming. Believe. 12th man and all that.

  • I can never understand why Brummies, no, VILLA BRUMMIES have been so down on Zat Knight. The guy is Villa through and through and is living the dream we all have. Well said BobTheBuilder! I thought he, alongside Petrov and Milner were easily our best performers.
    I whole heartedly second this. Knight is playing brilliantly, and he is a villa boy.

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