Date: 31st January 2018 at 3:29pm
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MLS… not my idea of fun I have to say. I saw a debate on facebook today about David Beckham buying a Franchise when an old club like Hartlepool United is under threat of going out of business. Then again, Miami weather or Hartlepool? Ok, I think I`ve made a decision on that conundrum.

Where was I before I interrupted myself? Oh yes, David Beckham has had a ‘dream come true` (no, he`s not got a knighthood!) and been granted the franchise (yuk) for a new club in the Major Soccer League (soccer, another yuk). Miami MLS – which most uninterestingly is still waiting for an official name – has high ambitions according to Becks.

“We want to reach for the stars, we want the best players in, but more importantly for us we want to create a state of the art academy where we have a hotbed of talent in this part of America,”

Adding “If we get that right, that will make us and the people of Miami even more proud to support their team, because they`re seeing young kids, their sons, coming into this team and have the chance to play professional football.”

I`m sorry Fear, but what in the blue blazes has this to do with Aston Villa I hear you say (or maybe it`s just the voices in my head)?

Well, for a start it`s The Fear to you and for another, if you`d just given me a few minutes patience…. this:

The Sun had a story back in November saying that if Becks got granted the MLS franchise he`d target Aston Villa manager Steve Bruce to be their manager.

Apparently Bruce, a mate of Becks since they were at Manchester United, is part of his master plan.

I would imagine Bruce is more than focussed on the job at hand at Aston Villa, now we are up to 3rd and things are going so well. But it does make you think doesn`t it? The pressure here, or the sunshine of Miami?

I think Bruce is ‘proper football` and doesn`t really look like a sunshine worshipper does he?


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