Date: 13th June 2009 at 11:26am
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There is a report in the Daily Star by David Woods today saying that Premier League teams are watching as David Beckham has failed to agree terms for a return to AC Milan. The 34-year-old is desperate for top flight football in order to make sure he makes the World Cup next summer and is looking for another loan deal away from LA Galaxy.

Spurs have been linked and the report also suggests a possible interest from Chelsea now former Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti is there.

So why am I on about it?

Well, as you know, unlike other places with their ‘exclusives’ which lets face it, never come off and just make the headlines to get more hits (!) I don’t often sensationalise BUT – and this is pretty much mostly only for fun – we did have a new member in our forum who yesterday posted:


Randy Lerner has been seen in a LA restaurant with Philip Anschutz and David Beckhams Agent over a possible one-year deal to allow David Beckham to play in England for the season preceding the World Cup

So there you go, conclusive proof, Beckham is not on the … sorry is on the way to Villa…!

What would you think, this is a fairly quiet debate time, so lets explore. Good move or not? Our latest poll asks that very question… coincidence? I think not! :o)


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  • bit of a silly one but thought as it was a quiet time it might make a talking point if nothing else!

  • Although it was against weak opposition, I remember thinking that Beckham looked much better in that position than Barry has recently. He seemed to be far more commanding and productive, as he was pinging the ball to Young with great with such accuracy. Maybe that’s is where his future roll for England is. Give the choice of Beckham or Barry at Villa right now, Beckham would be it for me.

  • I started a thread about the possibility of this about 2 months ago. At first it sounds like a joke, but when you think about it, it makes sense for both the club and Beckham.

    For David
    1. He gets himself firmly under Capellos nose every week in a WC year
    2. He is garenteed regular footy at Villa
    3. He gets Europa League footy, not CL, but thats all he got a AC Milan too!

    For Villa
    1. It gets us well and truly on the world stage
    2. He pays his own wages these days, so money is no object, sells enough shirts for our part of money
    3. Imagine a fit Owen, which is a large possibility on the end of his world class through balls
    4. Brings experience into the team, which is needed with Barry and Lausens exit

    I think this is not as stupid as it sounds, even if its just for a couple of seasons, it could be brilliant! Everyone for whom he plays is still praise worthy of his professionalism, effort and contribution, both personally and to younger ones in the team!

  • He has better vision and speed that Barry, so I would say, give him a go, what we got to lose? He would be superb marketing for the Villa too. and give us a bit of a spark in midfield where we need it.

  • why do you keep doing this to me – first I hear young might be going to chelsea then THIS!! I can’t cope any more – I think I’m going to hibernate until the season kicks off!

  • Come on gents. Are we seriously going to contemplate having more excess baggage to carry around in the centre of the park for the likes of Stan and our defence to deal with? He has only ever been good at crossing and dead balls!! He would be another along with Heskey who is guaranteed a start or cap atleast regardless of the score and opposition. And for those that think that he’s better than GB, they’re just kidding themselves. Only reason Capello played him for 90 mins was because the opposition was Andorra, (which you could fit the population of into Birmingham well over 10 times) whose team are all part-timers. If you played him on the wing then would we lose Milner and his tireless running, Becks is way too old to run!! Only good thing is that VP would sell out every week but the Press must be getting desperate already!!

  • V444 Fab C is not known for carrying passengers, Yes Becks is cracking on, but he works hard, and class is permanent, are you seriously saying he could not do a job for us? but back to reality and we have more chance of finding rocking horse *****.

  • man another tedious link, I bet some reporter heard him oversay to posh…”i finks we should get anova villa babe he old one got dirty” and the story done the rounds 🙂 becks would be great but think sidders and nrc need to step up and get back up for them, jenas maybe.

  • I assume it’s absolute nonsense. But just to play for a minute… I’d love him at Villa. But it is nonsense, isn’t it. Unless of course, them Arab blokes are buying Randy out & bringing Sven with them 😉

  • I can’t see it happening, but he is exactly what villa need to move us on in all senses. It would really open villa up to new opportunities. O’neill wouldnt let him stroll into the team either, he would have to earn his place, keeping him on his toes with all the english talent coming from us atm.

  • To be fair, if Beckham is as desperate to play in the World Cup as we all know he is then what better place to spend a year than Villa? Capello spends more time at Villa Park than any other ground and Beckham is surely going to start every game which is not something the top4 could guarantee him.

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