Date: 31st May 2007 at 12:58pm
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Busy morning for Villa news!

According to the Express and Star, without any quotes I must add, Northern Ireland midfielder Steven Davis has been told he can leave Aston Villa.

The 22-year-old led a charmed life the season before as a virtual ever present under David O’Leary, which led him to being voted the Player of the Year. However this season he faded and quickly found himself on the bench or worse, out of the squad.

The report claims the player who was last year linked to Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson said to be a keen (pun intended) admirer, would cost in the region of £5million.

Fulham’s new boss and former Northern Ireland boss Lawrie Sanchez has already been linked to Davis and fellow team mate Aaron Hughes.

Must admit, I prefer the links to players incoming than outgoing, we can’t build if we keep selling surely!?

Maybe a season long loan would make more sense?

Still, in Martin O’Neill we trust and until anything happens, it is all paper talk.


31 Replies to “Davis Can Leave Villa For £5million”

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! that would be the first really annoying thing to happen in the new era. why sell our up and coming youngsters? no need, surely. do we really need that 5 mil? no.

  • Presumably Davis has stated his desire to leave, otherwise this about turn by MON would completely go against everything he was saying a mere seven days or so ago, about not pushing out the young talent. Then again of course, the story could be a complete fabrication.

  • insane-sorry MON but you are completely wrong on this if it is true, and also Moore and Ridgewell if those rumours come to Fruition.

  • Don’t do it MON, please. If we have to loan him out for 12months.
    He’ll be worth £10m in a couple of seasons, even in todays market value. If Davis has given MON an ultimatum then I suppose he’s forced Villa’s hand. But the lads under contract, give him a slap and tell him to behave.

  • In 2 years time Davo will be worth nothing as he only has 2 years on his contract…unless he extends it. I would rather we kept him, unless we are definitely getting two top quality midfielders like Sneijder (who is only 6 months older than Davis) and Barton. However, he was very average last season so £5 million would be good money…but only if we have other players already signed!!
    I would sell Ridgewell as part exchange for Curtis Davies, but definitely keep Luke this season at least.

  • no chance,wont believe it till i see it officially. cant believe martin will sell although even i am doubting now if he will get a game with some of the centre midfielders we are being linked with 4 next year.big mistake it would be to sell him as he would definately come back to haunt us,he is top quality and thought we are trying to build a squad not destroy one.mccann,hughes,hendrie,djembax2 and ridgewell would be the only likely ones i think we will sell. UTV

  • sorry off topic here lads a bit but have to get this off my chest again.i support england though have to say i hate and despise that smug *****er mclaren just watching him on ssn here playing with england squad thinking he is *****ing great 4 some reason,i will never be so happy when that man gets sacked hopefully sooner rather than later,cant stand even looking at him,sorry rant over had to release the fury! lol UTV

  • Every player has a price and £5 million is not enough for Davis. He is better than Reo Coker imho, and he is being touted around for £8 million. Young players command the most money and we should be doing what every other club does, by talking up his value. It does not make sense to be selling a young player for this amount of money. I am not one to believe press stories because 99% is fictional but you have to wonder why we are being linked to 28 year old (Bellamy), who will have no resale value in a couple of years, for £12 million but have allowed a story to circulate valuing Davis at just £5 million. Our new owners are magnificent in their general dealings with the press and the public, but this is an area that needs to be improved upon immediately. Villa should be looking for a figure closer to £10 million for Davis and in the region of £7/8 million for Ridgewell. These are players we do not have to sell (it really is a sellers market) and if somebody wants them they can pay through the nose.

  • On a day where Manure spend £50m on 3 players who will join in a squad rotation system, why does Davis have to leave for £5m? If these 3 are happy to play for place, why can’t Davis stay and fight for his?

  • Rickymeister… are you saying keep Luke MOORE for at least another season? The kid scores goals! Before he got his knock he was on fire and when he came back he was fabulous off the bench. I’m with VOTH and GLB on this. They MUST stay and fight for their places. I’m *****ing sick of these primadonna footballers dictating things. Selfish egotistical ****s the lot of them! I’m sure old Chinny Hill didn’t in his worst nightmare dream that players would hold clubs to ransom rather than the other way round. I doubt he would have bothered fighting for an end to the 20 quid maximum wage in 1961 if he knew what it would lead to. Rant over… off to bed!

  • I think Davo will stay with the Villa longterm but decide on a loan next season.His quality is there for all to see, but what I believe makes a top class footballer is consistency.Do you ever see Barry,Gerard,Lampard, etc..ever have a bad game( well england excluded..but that’s another story).At the start of this year Davo was fading and now we have Gardner coming through.Week in week out is what will determine their ability to hold down a place,and consistency is the key to achieving it.Whatever will be, will be!I trust in MON do right be the team on purchases and selections.If you are good enough on merit to keep your place …you play.That’s the way it should be and if players don’t have the stomach for the fight and don’t believe they are good enough to battle through, keep the shirt and represent The Villa…they can go, because only fight will win us Trophies and considering the last crest we had is the only one we never one a proper trophy( Intertoto doesn’t count)with…I want some silverware..and the right players to do it with.IN MON WE TRUST

  • VOTH: Great post as ever mate. I can’t seriously believe we are interested in Reo-Coker, and, as you said, we seem to constantly undervalue our assets.

  • Get rid MON, no point wondering what might happen if he leaves and comes back to haunt us. if he leaves we move on and MON gets some one in he trusts to do a job I don’t beleive MON thinks Davo is a good as the fans do. Trust the manager and he will get us what we want up the league table..

  • I just wish we’d sign someone. Parker would be a better option than reo Co CO but the ammers seem to have their eye on the ball.

  • I’m amazed we want 1 million for the twins and only 5 for Davis but then I’m amazed we paid 8.5 for Petrov and 10 for Young and gave Baros for Carew !!!!

  • Rawlie, yes I am saying keep Luke for another season at least. I want to see how he does over a full season. He obviously has potential but he is now at the point where the potential needs to be fulfilled. At the moment he is unfulfilled potential, so he should be given every chance and then re-assess him at the end of the season. Yes, we have good quality youngsters but some will inevitably drop by the wayside if we become the top 6 club that we aim to be. I think Gabby and Gardner are definitely good enough, Cahill and Luke possibly. I just don’t think Davis has the physical presence and Ridgewell the quality to be top 6 team players. Premiership quality? yes, but we want to be at the top end of the table so we need a balance of youngters and good quality signings.

  • dont want him to leave he has a great future and moore is a very good young talent and letting them go would be a step back and show no ambition by the club. no team lets there young talent go, they mould them into the team and grow a team around them, just like the mancs

  • Aussie I suppose he feels the need to be playing 1st team football week in week out, Whits left for the same reason, I suppose they dont want to look back at their careers and see years of reserve team football when they could be 1st team regulars.

  • Why do these youngsters of today feel they need to leave when they don’t get a run in the first team. No fire to fight for a place? And bumper pay day if they move. If i was davo i’d be knuckling down working my balls off to get in the team next year.

  • i sold him for 5 million on football manager, and won the league as Aston Villa soo sell him u will win the league

  • I bought Bouma in CM 3 years ago,he was an attacking mid and he was one of the best players in the world.

  • most people base alot if not all their foreign football knowledge on football manager….ive got a feeling most managers do to! (Harry Rednapp definatley does!)

  • iomvilla – bang on, little more needs to be said really. Totally disagree with VOFTH re: Davo better than Coker – 2 season’s of great form and an FA Cup final?

  • Be interesting to see just who comes in for him. twelve months or so back Man Utd were sniffing around, or so we were told. Dont think any of the big-boys will be beating a path to our door this time around.

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