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Dean “Failed To Do His Job” – Former Referee On Man United Let Off Amidst Solskjaer’s Childish Tantrum

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Following on from Aston Villa’s trip to Manchester United at Old Trafford at the weekend, fans not only got to see a great performance from us but with Kortney Hause finding the back of the net late on and the hosts missing their obligated penalty, we took a first victory in 12 years.

We also got to see an irate child in the shape of Ole Gunnar Solskjaer go into full on meltdown mode.

Funnily enough though, Solskjaer didn’t mention what could have very easily been a straight red card for England centre half Harry Maguire when he hauled down John McGinn who would’ve arguably been clean through.

Having been completely wrong on whether or not Ollie Watkins was offside and interfering in play, former referee Keith Hackett surprisingly gets this call partially right, although I’m unsure as to why it wasn’t featured on Match of the Day and made more of an issue.

Speaking to Football Insider following the game, Hackett admitted Mike Dean’s actions to wave play on ‘bemused’ him as it was a clear foul and a ‘rugby’ tackle.

“I was slightly bemused by this. Mike Dean’s never ever short to give out yellow cards but he has adapted to the lighter touch. He’s seen it, he’s reacted to it, was he going to apply an advantage that never materialised? I don’t know whether he shouted play on. But in reality, if he’s played advantage he should still go back and caution Maguire. That’s not football, it’s rugby. He put McGinn out of the game for that period.”

Hackett goes on to say that for him it’s a ‘yellow card offence’ for ‘unsporting behaviour’ and he barbed that Dean ‘has failed to do his job’.

But it’s not a yellow card offence though. Maguire is the last man, McGinn is clean through and the square is on for Ollie Watkins as well who is clear of his defender, so Hackett is wrong when he says VAR can’t get involved because it’s a yellow. VAR should’ve definitely become involved for a clear and obvious error on Dean’s part.

As you watch the clip, De Gea is nowhere to be seen, so I certainly don’t buy he’d have intercepted the ball before Meatball had it back under control. Even if that’s what Dean thought (as there was no advantage to play) it’s at minimum a booking.

But no, United have a conspiracy against them don’t they Ole.






No Foul

No Foul

Over to Vital Villa forum member Langoe66.

Just seen a stat regarding penalties given to Premier League clubs since December 2018 when ‘the whinging one’ from Man Utd was appointed…

1. Man Utd 32
2. Man City 23
3. Leicester 22
4. Chelsea 19
5. Liverpool 18

How many more does he want? Seriously…is it any wonder fans of other clubs not considered to be part of the ‘elite’ get frustrated when we hear the crap he was spouting both before and after Saturday’s game?!

The sense of entitlement really is quite extraordinary but I guess the actions of the officials only serves to propel this arrogance still further. I must have watched the Maguire/McGinn grab ten times and still can’t fathom how, despite it being right in front of Mike Dean, it’s not a foul…and the only conclusion you come to is that the ‘obvious‘ foul is being committed by a Man Utd player and the game is taking place at Old Trafford.

If that foul is committed by a Villa player, it’s a definite free kick with VAR then considering a sending off, though Mike Dean would probably be brandishing the red one with or without VAR!

Problem is, United have had decisions in their favour for years and the likes of OGS think they have a divine right to expect them week in, week out. The problem he’s got, is that without them, he won’t be there for much longer.

At least Ferguson got a tune out of his players. This clown hasn’t got a bloody clue!

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