Date: 14th March 2016 at 10:52am
Written by:

DJFRANCE says: Welcome home Brian

Dear Brian,

I waited until after today’s game before adding my welcome message back to Villa Park. We are more or less the same age and I remember well your superb career in claret and blue – not to mention your spell as an excellent manager. You were a fantastic footballer in every sense of the term and, as we all know, Villa through and through.

As all Villa fans know well your appointment (or in fact anyone with your background ) is long overdue. We just all hope that it is not an attempt by Mr Lerner, or our current CEO, to try to keep fans quiet.

Bearing in mind your integrity, I doubt if you would go along with such a scenario anyway.

You sat and watched it this afternoon, so no more needs to be said about the performance against Spurs – or in fact any other sad display this season. The only thing that really matters now is the future. That future can only be positive if confidence is re-established between the fans and those who are running our beloved football club.

That is no longer possible whilst Tom Fox remains as CEO. He has an enormous responsibility to bear and true Villa fans will never forgive him for, amongst all the other failures, the lack of action in the January transfer market when we still had a chance of survival. If he is not removed very quickly this situation will get ugly and nobody wants to see your reputation harmed in any way Brian.

I am sure that both you and Sir Mervyn King will understand the importance of a Villa Park fully behind the team and there is no alternative today but to change the CEO as a first step.

Welcome home Brian…