Date: 24th November 2006 at 7:26pm
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My life is so tedious. I’ve recently written my letter to Santa and sent it off with my wish list telling him what a good boy I’ve been and asking once again for some satsuma’s, a few pennies and a bit of string. My parents always tell me that is what they had for Christmas and how happy they were, so I thought I’d ask for the same and see if they are telling the truth. That said, for good measure I did add a Tag Heuer watch, some more Adidas Gazelles and just in case it was Santa who won the Euro Lottery, an Aston Martin. Why not, they tell me God loves a tryer and lets face it, I’m very trying.

Meanwhile Martin O’Neill gets to have all the fun. He’s written his wish list and will give it to the Aston Villa Santa next week as Randy Lerner rolls (or more appropriately flies) into town.

So there is me worrying about a ball of string and there is O’Neill writing a list that could push Villa towards Europe this season.

Dear Mr Lerner,

For Christmas I would like…………..

Oh if only we could have a little look, just a sneak, as to the sorts of targets O’Neill wants, I’m sure we’d all like to chip in a request or two as well, but I guess we’ll just have to go with the selections from the Villa boss. How dull it will be to see us bidding for the likes of Jermain Defoe, Shaun Wright Phillips, or whoever the heck our manager fancies.

O’Neill has said he is only interested in signing players that will be with Villa long term as he looks to build the foundations to a long term aim – that being restoring Villa to where they were and where they could be once again, the top of the tree, or at least competing at the top.

Lerner will be at the Manchester City game at Villa Park and will also see Villa on the road at Fratton Park as we face high flying Portsmouth a week Saturday.

O’Neill said: ‘Randy Lerner is coming over here next week and during that time we will be having the occasional discussion. I would intend to give him my plan of how we would look to be moving forward in the immediate future. The medium term here is very obviously to try and get back into European football. Randy’s plan would be to bring in players capable of taking us into European football. There will be players I would like to bring in that will be discussed.’

‘I will not buy for the sake of it. If I did do, it would be short-term deals. I can’t imagine myself going and signing someone on a long-term deal whom I didn’t think was what we were looking for over the next three or four years. If it is only short-term people, just to keep us going, then fair enough. Loan signings is another obvious possibility. I will have everything in front of Mr Lerner, saying this is my plan – A, B, and C.’

O’Neill has also confirmed his line of communication will be directly with the club owner and not the new CEO Richard Fitzgerald or Robin Russell the new chief financial officer.

Meanwhile my communications will continue to be with the men in white suits!


27 Replies to “Dear Santa – For January I’d Like…”

  • As much as i am and everone else looking foreward to the January sales, i do hope we dont go try looking for the finished item, they rarely work i,e Shevchenco, ( apolagise spelling), But i would be just as happy looking towards next 5 years and pick the

  • Villa are a big club that West Ham though, unless it is the London life he is more interested in. And we have MON !!

  • regards swp – dont forget the ian wright factor,hes well in with o’neill through the bbc etc, and is aware of his sure that he will get a better football education with the original claret and blues.

  • I get the distict impression that MON will not be rushed in January. He doesn’t want to buy for the sake of it and is even considering loan signings. Makes you wonder if any big signings will be made. Anyone fancy Sidwell from Reading?

  • i think randy should put his money into cloning an alan mcinally, paul mcgrath, andy townsend and a few angelina jolie’s just to jeep the fans happy !

  • Luca Toni is the missing link up front. Although David Villa would be a good alternative. SWP on the right for the long term. Beckham for the short term to put bums on seats and put Villa back on the world map. Defensively we are strong, so whilst improve

  • Luca Toni? David Beckham?………Darrent Bent/R Keane would both add much needed quality in final third.

    I personally would like to see some pace and skill on the wings and stick gabby up front and Barry in MC or LB. Cant think of a realistic target

  • tyls, I understand you do not get to see much from the golf course, but why would you want to play Gareth any where other than left mid where he is being named man of the match every game (at home at least)? Maybe more importantly why would you deliberate

  • Lets be brutally honest and say who in this currant Villa team can tou really get excited about, dont get me wrong the lads are doing ok and perhaps over achieving, but there is no one really that you think whats he gonna do next, ie Ronaldo, Cole etc.

  • I think that we always see what other clubs have and wish we had it. Rarely works that way though. I remember the clamour for us to sign Baros. But he is no different with us than he was with redscouse. Why do you think they sold him? It is easy to say Ro

  • Voice – i cannot make every home game as i have the kids of a weekend while the missus works, however i have been to every home game that fits around this arrangement and can guarantee that when they are both old enough they will both have season tickets

  • macca do not be so touchy. I understand there are many fans who cannot attend every game. Any critisism is leveled at those who demand this, that and the other and that the club should spend money on this player and that player, but who do not do ‘their’

  • Voice – As earlier explained, if we started selling out I would have to miss the games, my circumstances wont change until the season after next, by which time you will have 3 new season ticket holders in the Holte End. Apologies if I appeared touchy, ju

  • voice..whats with the chip on the shoulder? We are all villa fans so why the attitude? People will have different opinons on football thats the beauty of it, you dont always have to throw the toys out the pram. I still atend games – i was there on saturd

  • tylervilla most people seem to agree with voth. he seems well balanced so it is probably a chip on both shoulders. you on the other hand can not take any form of stick but from what i remember you brought that on yourself by coming on here and saying golf was now preferable to the villa. so as he said “if the cap fits”?

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