Date: 17th August 2017 at 2:21pm
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Dear Steve Bruce,

I don’t want to be too critical of your well thought out excuse, but if I may comment, you mention you are half way through your rebuild so you need more time, but you lament on the loss of two key players (Kodjia, Jedinak) who you didn’t sign.

You also say our frontline is ‘toothless’ yet you told me Gabby will be the best striker in the league once he completed fat camp.

You also paid £15m for a one season no name wonder and most of your other signings sit on the bench.

You knew we would be faced with FFP restrictions this season but in January you virtually bought a new team comprising of like minded players to what we already had.

And now you are bemoaning there is no money to spend – as if nobody told you of the FFP problems.

Shock Horror!

My apologies Bruce, but I am a little confused.

If you have already implemented half of your master plan( which involves having 4 right-back options, sell 2 left-backs, replace an academy player for two 30+ centre backs and then buy more midfielders than you know what to do with.

Then I am finding it hard to work out what the other half entails? (Bruce I am quivering with excitement!!!)

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  • the money has been wasted on *****e spent way to high on these players who if they did get us up would have to be *****ed off has they are no good in premiership, We still need creativity a goal scorer because we all knew gabby his ***** should have been

  • Not sure Terry, Whelan and Hogan are the waste of money you refer to but I am sure Bruce hasn’t got a clue how to get a tune out of the players that we have. Our squad is decent but our manager is not.

    BTW, I definitely would not have sold Baker who l

  • Bruce has proven he can get teams out of the Championship however I do wonder if he is spending wisely.I can’t agree about Terry,his best days left him several seasons ago,his name however does attract players and make them more likely to sign.
    It’s way

  • Good job RDM signed our only decent players, beginning to think we should have stuck with him now. The more i listen to SB the more i think he is enjoying wasting the clubs money.think he was a better manager when he had none. If your going to bring more

  • After a deserved point against Hull, we have followed it up by being lucky to only lose 3 0 and 2 1 to Cardiff and Reading. If we have a change in our good fortune, I hate to think what the score will be against Norwich.

    We need to continue with our lu

  • Have to say it again…..

    If he ends up getting sacked we will hit the reset switch again, becoming once again a ‘team in transition’ and waiting 18 months for the new manager to ‘bring in his own players’ before anyone judges him. None of us want that

  • Very true Big Dubs… or constantly bringing in the wrong managers? But yes, the cycle has cost us dearly for sure.

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