Date: 13th February 2006 at 1:42pm
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Wales international defender Mark Delaney has been ‘left wondering’ about his future and thinks that Villa aren’t going to take up the one year option on his contract this march.

The 29-year-old, who has been a revelation since partnering Olof Mellberg in central defence, put in a transfer request in December after Villa refused to enter into talks to extend his contract – which runs out in the summer.

Delaney said: ‘If they see something in me they don’t like, then I’m big enough to take it. But when people don’t say anything you start wondering why?’

He says he is settled at Villa and would like to stay adding: ‘They’ve had enough time to realise what I can do.’

Fellow defender Jlloyd Samuel has also said the club should get Delaney signed up adding ‘He is proving now how much the squad needs him. The chairman should be knocking on his door because he will be a player you don’t want to lose.’

The chairman is too busy panicking because he has left the club with no money Jlloyd.

What is mystifying is that no one at the club have spoken to him, how is that good management?

‘I am hoping I’ve done enough. But I don’t know. I’ve not had any feedback at all. I’ve tried to get my head down and concentrate on my football.’

Delaney, who joined in 1999 from Cardiff for £500 000, has also defended his injury record because they all followed bad challenges:

‘I’m not going to argue that I’ve had my fair share of injuries – that’s well publicised – but I’ve played 30 games on average every season’

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12 Replies to “Delaney Being Pushed Out?”

  • Just give him his contract for christ sakes if he goes then we have no centre backs and it looks like there’s no money to replace. The sooner Doug buggers off the better.

  • If we dont give him a contract it will be a big mistake cus he will join Blackburn and on his return to villa park with them he will score a hattrick.

  • He’ll get a contract, no doubt about it. It’s just typical Villa to leave it till the last minute in an attenpt to save a few hundred quid.

  • Delaney has always said he is happy at Villa and his performances have been superb, I know people may think he is playing well because a contract extension is on the line, but his professionalism has shone through. Get him signed up for God sake.

  • If Delaney is allowed to leave, then that should be the final nail in Dougs coffin. ( not wishing ill health on him )

  • Sign the guy up for Christ sake. He’s given seven loyal years to the club, he’s playing out of his skin, we’ve no cash to replace him, and he doesnt deserve to be treated in this shabby way.

  • In today’s tabloids they are announcing DOL wants to keep Delaney at Villa. DOL says “Mark has been fantastic for us in central defence.” Villa can take a one year extension up on his contract up in March.

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