Date: 28th February 2006 at 1:04pm
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Hopefully this is the last word from Aston Villa defender Mark Delaney following the public row about his contract. Delaney was angry that the one-year-option had been taken up as opposed to him getting an extended contract and David O’Leary criticised via the press Delaney for talking to the press.

He has now issued a statement via the official site clarifying the situation:

‘Further to discussions between the Board of Aston Villa Football Club and my representative, the situation regarding my future at the Club has now been clarified.

The Board have made it very clear that I am part of the Club’s plans for the next 16 months, however, if another Club is prepared to give me the opportunity of a longer term contract, the Club have confirmed they will not be unreasonable in their demands for a transfer fee.
I would like to thank the Board for their understanding in this matter.’

Lets hope that is the end of yet another long drawn out farce at Aston Villa. No wonder 48% of those that voted in last weeks poll said everything was too negative at Villa.

His agent has also suggested that Mark might be closer to fitness than first expected and could make a surprise return this weekend.

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9 Replies to “Delaney Truce – At Last”

  • Certainly sounds like it doesn’t it? Just don’t understand why Villa have to have so many public arguments, it is embarrassing, especially when we already have a non media friendly manager who speaks before he thinks!

  • as danny says blackburn it is then we need replacement for him and fast will we find one i very much doubt

    this was good villa business last week now its not

  • Right, that’s the Delaney story hopefully over and done with. What sordid saga is currently bubbling under the surface, about to break and bring further ridicule upon the club?

  • Fed up of hearing about this, how come the rest of our players dont moan like this.

    Mark, prove yourself again, maybe you’ll get an extension. He keeps getting injured. It’s clear from the current situation we cant afford easy injuries!

  • Don’t sign the 1 year clause delaney if you’re not going to honour it, I for one will be happy to see any player leave villa that kicks up a fuss over their contract when they still have time to run it, players that rock the boat for monetary gains don’t

  • Why not just come out and say he’s transfer listed rather than making the player look bad? He’ll get stick from the foolish burbery crew who dont know any better. Well done Villa.

  • Whats the difference between Delaney sitting in the treatment room at villa park, and sitting in the treatment room at Ewood Park……About £1m!!!!

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