Date: 16th November 2006 at 12:21pm
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Dib dib dib, dub dub dub at Aston Villa as the scouts are out in force.

Martin O’Neill is reportedly working his scouts hard across Europe as he looks for possibly January targets.

There are whispers that a massive signing is being lined up, but as I can get no more than that whisper, I guess we’ll have to wait and see. I’ve not been approached yet, put it that way (WHAT? Where there is life there is hope, I keep saying I am a mean left-back-in-the-changing-room!).

Martin O’Neill told the official site: ‘I’ve got Ian Storey-Moore and a couple more scouts all over England and Europe at the moment. Ian has the reports on my desk and he’s really enthusiastic, as you’d expect. They’re recommending players to me at this minute and I want to go to games they’re playing in. They’re ringing me to go and see these boys myself and I’m trying to get to see them to fit in with our games.’

And as ever, Martin has a worry or two………! Great to see a manager who lives and breathes his job isn’t it!? ‘Part of me is worried because trying to concentrate on our own games is the most important issue. For instance, we play Sunday, and there’s some really big games I’d like to see on the Saturday. But the danger is getting stuck over there and can’t get back and the next thing you know you haven’t attended your own game. So there’s a problem. But there’s a couple of things that may materialise which you get excited about one day, and then the next you get knocked a bit.’

‘I definitely want to improve the squad because I won’t get another opportunity until the summer.’

‘I’d only generalise and it’s pointless me saying I need a full-back, a centre-half, a midfielder, a wide left, a wide right and a centre forward. Then the boys would look round to me to say ‘Isn’t he happy with me?’.’


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  • Speculation in the transfer market will always unsettle players. Getting a good team spirit isn’t accomplished by worrying about your place in the team. However, competition for places is what brings the best out in players who realise they have to give

  • beckham is on his way – high profile player which will put the media eye on to villa attracting more lucrative sponsorship – plus we need a rightsided player.

  • Beckham although great from an higher profile and commercialism aspect is not what we want , although a good player he isnt hungry any more and is another player who if we got has had the best part of his career already , i want hungry players who want to

  • Bet it isn’t Becks Jason! O’Neill was asked at the forum evening and he was doubting whether it would be the right sort of player as he is coming to the end of his career. That said, good marketing and profile wise. Think Beckham will be off to America

  • I would say get Wayne Bridge at left back, because A Cole is the first team left back at Chelsea and he did go on loan at Fulham last season.

    My bet for the big signing is A Cassano (Ex-Roma) unsettled at R Mardrid.

  • Fear…are we talking massive in terms of the euro elite would be fighting for him or are we talking villa record signing or really tall (peter crouch is massive?)

  • i was thinking of cassano for villa up with sutton with keane behind petrov in the middle with mccan and barry left and lennon(but if we dont get him S.W.P and in defence 3 in defence melberg/ridgewell/laursen/cahill/bouma/hughes/bridge/delenly

  • tyls, whoever it is you can be sure we will let this web site know how they perform. Then when you get back from the golf course, you can read all the comments. AgentPVT… Seems reasonable but I dispute the need for a left back as a priority. Getting som

  • I’ve heard rumours scouts are watching Bremen games – to watch both Miroslav Klose and Tim Borowski

  • how about Darren Bent he is likely to leave Charlton or Nigel Reo Coker and I hear Martins agent is telling him to leave newcastle maybe we can swap Baros for him.

  • thats why i said beckham as a money machine he is in a world of his own…it will elevate villa back to world status therefour attracting higher profile players.didnt real madrid overtake manure to the no1 richest club in the world shortly after he signed

  • BECKs isn’t coming guys – he’s off to America next year. The German boys Miroslav Klose and Tim Borowski would be ace but I’m sure the damage O’Leary did to Hitzlesperger would undermine that one I’m afraid. Darren Bent – yes please, or Defoe. Some of the

  • It’s good to be able to talk about new players like in the old days. Milosevic was okay but just couldn’t hack the physical style of the P’ship…great goal in the final of Coco Cola cup…..would love us to buy someone who can dribble like Atko, T Daley,

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