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“Disgusting Behaviour” “Let Me Go” – These Villa Fans Turn Endless Speculation On Its Head As Photo Emerges


Aston Villa fans are more than used to the endless fabricated media stories surrounding the speculated future of former Academy graduate and clear star, Jack Grealish.

Once Jack truly announced himself and his talents to the world during our promotion winning streak in the Championship under head coach Dean Smith, the press and wider football woke up and recognised his long known potential, but along with that, it started the steady stream of pundits and papers trying to sell him from underneath us.

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We all know Manchester City and Manchester United are the preferred destinations for the talking heads, but bizarrely this season there has also been a decent rehashed push to include Liverpool and Arsenal. For those with longer memories, reports have also claimed (about three times) that he’s purchased a new house in readiness for his Manchester move – quite why he’d need three different houses is beyond me.

Although Jack continues to be sidelined with injury, it hasn’t stopped the speculation from being regurgitated on an almost daily basis and I’ve largely chosen to ignore it, but amongst all the claims and counterclaims, I must admit this made me smile.

For those who follow facts and not speculation, it was known Jack was again cheering our youngsters on in the midweek Cup clash with Burton Albion where we took a phenomenal 9-0 victory, because he’s been spotted at similar games recently and he’s often sat beside Dean Smith or others on our coaching staff. He might not be playing at the moment, but my only takeaway is he’s meshed in at every level of the club now, such is his importance to us.

Will Jack...

Be Off

Be Off

Become A Club Legend

Hardly smacks of the behaviour of someone who isn’t playing because a move is being arranged, or someone whose desperate to get out of the club for a favoured ‘top side’ is it?

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Manchester United beat us to the inaugural Prem title in 1992/93, but what was the score when we travelled to Old Trafford?

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  • Colin says:

    Yes totally agree the press and so called pundits are a bunch of idiots and wasters with nothing better to do, the crazy lies about where our players are going or should be going makes you wonder how they get paid for the garbage that they spout. It’s seriously wrong but I firmly believe there is an answer and to stop them in their tracks Jack Grealish, John Mc Ginn, Tyrone Mings and every other player that they spout fake news about need to come out and publicly and state where they stand, if it’s all a pack of lies then the players concerned should say so,. That would end it once and for all.

    • Mike Field says:

      The problem is there Col (and in fairness, I’m NCTJ trained and even have my Media Law certificate) football journalism has always been an oxymoron and survived on speculation but with solid fact reporting ie games. But the current degree of invention where a single thought is apparently newsworthy and isn’t just an isolated opinion is a joke. The press used to make the distinction, these days my left testicle would make a great right back is counted as proper news.

      But players can’t come out and dismiss every Twatter rumour that’s picked up by the bigger boys as they wouldn’t have time to actually play a game.

    • Edifi says:

      It helps to sell newspapers

  • Steve Smith says:

    I have just taken to putting on every post that is so obviously garbage “what a waste of ink”

    I think we should all do that, every time, start some sort of reaction

    • Mike Field says:

      To be honest Steve, even that encourages it to continue – it’s a click/interaction. I’ve just stopped reading some outlets now as I no longer trust them.

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