Date: 12th July 2006 at 12:50pm
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ICBrum have reported that Villa remain hopeful that Cameroon defensive-midfielder Eric Djemba-Djemba will return for pre-season training.

This, of course doesn’t mean he’s coming back to play. I dare say if manager David O`Leary still wants to get rid he would prefer to try and sell a fit player. Dj-Dj has been in contact with the club to say that illness in the family has delayed the return.

We’ll wait and see on this one, I certainly don’t think he’s expected to start the game against Arsenal on day 1 of the Premiership season!


21 Replies to “Djemba-Djemba Returns?”

  • He;s certainly got a bit more of a punch about him. Though I’d be worried about his tendancy to throw both feet into tackles.

  • Is berson back for pre season training with the rest of the lads as he is still our player..?

  • No one’s mentioned Berson, but surely we have to presume that he’s back. Cant understand Djemba-Djemba. He’s hardly helping his own cause. I believe the guy has a huge attitude problem that only he himself can address. At the moment though he’s stiffing t

  • he cant handle the prem’s quality and speed.Needs to go back to French football.Bersons supposed problem, when he was here, was he is a bumpkin and is home sick for frogs legs and couldnt find anywhere that sold stripey jumpers and matching berrets.Any ch

  • DJ DJ is pushing it to the limit, he has had his agent tout him all over Europe and no one is interested, so he will stay away as long as he can

  • He is the sort of player that you give away only to find that he is given back, no-one in Italy will be available for less than 3 million so no joy for Villa there.

  • What a wonderful signing he turned out to be! our only problem with the sell to buy policy is that no-one wants our players!

  • very true – why not try dj dj and berson in the middle and give them a run of games and let davis take the right wing. Whats the worst the could happen….relegation?

  • Who cares where he is? Don’t want him back. He can stay away for good because he’s useless.

  • Why don’t we just stop paying him. That would see the end of him. Then when he sues we can claim he’s faulty merchandice!

  • Get rid of the clown, write him off the Capex. He’s a discrace to the club and Premierleague. Remember what he did after the Africa Nations? Turned his phone off and dissapeared for 10 days. The blokes a jumped up muppett and should be playing in Small He

  • Well according to the official site, he returned for pre-season training this morning ( Thursday 13th July) and set straight to work. Let’s face it, if we want to get anything for him, we have to have someone who is well trained and able to play football

  • im sure berson and djemba played together in the middle for nanates and almost won the league and uefa cup!?

    anyone know how they played in the reserves together?

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