Date: 7th August 2009 at 9:46am
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The matchday atmosphere at Villa park is like most football grounds in the premier league excluding a few, if not a little better.There’s generally a good atmosphere, and when its rocking, its really is rocking (and that’s just with two sides of the ground singing).

The new Villa era has arrived and its time to come up with an anthem to be sung by everybody as the players come out, until kickoff.

I mean when Liverpool come singing ‘you’ll never walk alone’ or the them lot down the road crying ‘ keep right on ‘ wouldn’t it be very nice to have something else to shout back at them and really drown them out for a good few minutes.

I’d sing along, would you?

By doctorwho



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The General has suggested that maybe this is an avenue that can be worked on via the Supporters Consultation Group. Trouble is, is this something that can be publicised and started or just something that starts naturally and catches on? Personally I think the latter and think the Paul McGrath song has sort of become the anthem? We do have the bells are ringing, or Holteenders in the Sky, maybe they need to be pushed more?

I did ask the board at some stage to get in touch with Black Sabbath (some of them are Villa boys) and see if they’d record a version of Holteenders in the Sky, now that would be epic!

doctor who also suggested a poll, I’ll not use it as I have a few other questions to push through but thought it could be answered in the forum thread and article comments…

Do Villa need a new anthem?

Yes or no the songs we use are enough already.

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