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“Do It & Hold Me” “I Don’t Have A Scooby” – Post Game Villa Reaction I Never Thought I’d Cover

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It wasn’t quite the victory that Aston Villa fans wanted but in our first year back in the Premier League, especially in light of all the summer upheaval and the fact we are trying to ‘gel’ effectively half a squad, a point away from home shouldn’t be sniffed at and although there wasn’t much to talk about when it came to the first half, there were again positives from the second 45 display.

One of those positives was Indiana Vassilev but clearly Jack Grealish again stole the show – and for more than one reason.

If social media is to be believed, 24-year-old Jack (at this point in a season) has now contributed directly to 15 goals in domestic competition and apparently no English midfielder has achieved that tally since Frank Lampard back in 2009/10.

Whilst there’s some debate about that, it certainly gave rise to further comments that Gareth Southgate is a ‘plank’ for not yet giving him the England recognition he deserves and understandably so.

However, the other bit of reaction that caught my eye concerned players as opposed to fans.

In response to the above video, Super John McGinn saluted his fellow ‘Super’.

But Douglas Luiz took it a step further, much to the delight of Jack and fans.

Apparently it’s a translation thing, but it seems the squad might be bonding. As one of the comments alludes to though, I love the idea of Luiz frantically searching for what a ‘scooby’ means.

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