Date: 31st January 2006 at 6:00pm
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Why don’t the BBC understand the FA Cup? What am I on about? The times that the BBC in their wisdom have decided to show the games. Liverpool had the trip to Portsmouth last weekend with a kick off time of 6.30pm on a Sunday Evening.

The fans on Vital Villa have been saying they don’t care if we are shown on TV or not, they just don’t want the same stupid time. Well guess what? Yup, Aston Villa v Manchester City will be screened live on the BBC at 6.30pm Sunday evening.

Well, baring a miracle, I’ll not be there, the TV companies have butted in too much in football and now they are de-valuing the historic FA Cup. Who wants to watch a game on a Sunday evening for goodness sake?


3 Replies to “Do The BBC Aim To Ruin The FA Cup?”

  • My good mate and a staunch Citeh fan will also not be bothering. Ridiculous time. Game finishes at , what 8:15 ish… into New Street by 9pm and ar Piccadilly by 11. Great. Maine Road FC may be getting another member…

  • “They are *****ing with our game and it has gone too far now in my opinion. They know they can abuse us as we are loyal to our clubs.”

  • The BBC only think of themselves. Thats why if you own a £100 tv in this country you have to give the BBC more than the cost of your TV each year for two terrestrial channels regardless if you only use your TV for ITV/Channel 4 or just for DVD’s.


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