Date: 18th May 2006 at 11:48am
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With all this takeover talk, I started thinking – not something I make a habit of I admit – and once I’d had enough of thinking about Kiera Knightly (or in my thoughts Kiera twice Knightly) I started to wonder what sort of owner I would really like to see at Villa.

The options?

A Russian (or other nationality, we aren’t the sort to exclude around these parts!) quadzillionaire like Roman Abramovich. It might be fun to buy the league with a decent manager and a shed load of money. But on the other hand would we really want someone like Roman who can treat the club as his own little train set? Is it not the ‘easy’ way to just buy all the best players? Chelsea fans seem to be having fun and enjoying their moment after years of doing very little.

Consortium. A well run group, with some finance, but who have to make the club ‘work’ in the same way that Tottenham seem to be doing and Arsenal already have. ie, buying players at the right time but also selling when their value means they’ll bring top dollar that can then go back into the team (Overmars springs to mind).

The Fans. Maybe a consortium of businessmen backed by the fans could be the ideal? Back to the idea of an investment vehicle where finance is added too with fans contributions which mean they buy a share in the vehicle.

Me? Oh, hang on, I don’t mean me as an option, I mean ‘me?’ as in what do I want. Hey, come to think of it, yeah, me as an option. Fear Park has a great ring to it. Anyway, back on planet nearly Earth, I thought of all the sensible options then decided to sod it, I’ll go with a quadzillionaire (as long as he’s earnt the money in the right way and hasn’t raped his country of funds) and that will give me more time to get back to Kiera.

All the above is my way of saying there is a new poll on the site asking what sort of owner you want!


11 Replies to “Do You Want Russian Quadzillionaire?”

  • rich russian businessman who throws some money in at the right time to buy the right players.

    Hallf an Abramovich please!

  • You need lots of things, some inspiration would be a start and then some common sense in who and what you buy, you mention Spurs, take a leaf at board level, at worst you will get 3-4 exciting young players simply by bidding for them.

  • i wouldnt want to be like chelsea, 20-30 mill per season would be great just so we could be up there with liverpool, man utd and arsenal again

  • Obvioulsy the Chelsea way appeals at first thought, but wouldnt it just be boring with nothing to moan about? I’d much prefer us to go along the spurs route. But hey I’m not fussy as long as HDE leaves.

  • I’d welcome the arrival of Bob The Builder as chairman as long as it means that The Menace is finally gone.

  • I hear that Bob has a few quid too – oh but then he’s a Stoke City fan 🙂 Seriously, a mixture of the Arsenal/Totenham model with a finance man to give an initial injection of cash, just to get us through the next 2 seasons, is my ideal solution. Doing

  • Quadzillionaire – no thanks, Consortium of businessmen would be nice if they are ambitious for Villa. Fans……… a la Barcelona! Now there’s a dream worth having!

  • im not sure that a fan led investment scenario would work at a club the size of villa.whereas it would at a lower league be in favour of a consortium long term but hey why not go for the billionaire short term to give us some instant hope of the s

  • I think a Quadzillonaire is every clubs dream and it will make the premiership more fun if it was no-longer just chelsea that could win the league.

  • I still wish very much that the Ranson consortium had been more successful. Admittedly we never really got to hear their proposals, but I would have liked to see RR move into VP. As things stand right now, I just want Ellis gone, and his boardroom sidekic

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