Date: 3rd April 2006 at 11:12am
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Here we go, two weeks of quotes from the club telling us how well we will do in the two local derbies.

Villa face West Bromwich Albion next Sunday and Small Heath (Birmingham City) the week after.

Shot stopper (or sometimes shot stopper?!) Thomas Sorenson told the official site:

‘Now we have to look forward to the derbies. They’ll be two great games – totally different from Saturday. We’re up against different sides and it’s all about pride, passion and the determination to get results in those games. I’m sure we’ll put our foot down get the results. I think it is significant that we’ve beaten both West Brom and Birmingham this season. But we need to show character to get results in those two games, for the club and for the fans.’

I’d rather they all stayed quiet and did their talking on the pitch, nothing short of two derby wins will be acceptable.


7 Replies to “Do Your Talking ON The Pitch”

  • All the talk from the players is driving me spare. I would respect them more if they played decent football.

  • Does any one else think Davis doesnt suit the position he’s in? He’s an attacking midfielder and stuck in his own half.

  • They should just keep there mouths shut for 2 weeks, go out play football, show they love the club and then if they get 6 points open their mouths!

  • why doesnt O’Dreary just ban the players from speaking to the press for the next two weeks? Other managers have done it before and it has payed off. But i suppose you need something that O’Dreary hasnt got to try it. Inteligence. You would think that from

  • Why do they have to speak?! It all goes wrong once they do! No-one spoke before the last game v the Blues, so why are we this time?! FFS, Just get on the pitch and earn some points!

  • Yes, its all we’ll be hearing for the next two weeks. ‘We’re really up for the games, determined to win for the supporters, aim to see out the season in style as top side in the midlands’ etc etc. blah, blah, blah. It gets old, is taken with a pinch of sa

  • ban them from talking to the media. Lets see if they can focus on training for a pleasant change 🙂

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