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4.100) Hi General,

This isn’t really a question, more of a view from me on what is going on at the moment, and granted I know very little about Randy Lerner and I’m now going to assume a few things.

Lerner came to the club and technically he inherited Martin O’Neill. Over the two years that following O’Neill (with Lerner’s full backing) managed to take the side from 16th to 6th. Along the way, O’Neill has made some decent signings, Ashley Young being the obvious one, many on here complained the price was too high, in hindsight he has been exceptional value for money. And last season after being starved of European football, we finally qualified for the UEFA Cup again.

O`Neill did spend money in the summer, with some big money buys – Luke Young, Carlos Cuellar and James Milner, and a couple of players to bolster the squad – Shorey and Sidwell, plus 2 goalkeepers called Brad. Expectation was understandably high amongst Villa fans, and I would have thought Mr Lerner and his board also.

The season started well, the club launched a website promoting our return to the European stage, special collectors editions of the Match Programme were made for the Home legs (I have all 3!) and in the last game, a free flag was given to every supporter at the game, as a memento and dare I say it, it was a night to remember. O`Neill followed it up by making (in my eyes) the wrong call regarding ‘resting` players for the big game, the resting argument falling on its face somewhat as L.Young, Knight and Davies all travelled. And as many on here predicted the side were out of the competition.

Now for me, Mr Lerner has plowed a lot into promoting this season`s UEFA Cup to Villa fans, and O`Neill took a gamble, probably getting some tentative backing from the board in the process.

We then throw away a 2-0 lead over Stoke, and after a below par performance from a usually reliable Brad Friedel, we concede 2 goals against Spurs. Meanwhile O`Neill refuses to start John Carew, a player that it was well publicised broke club rules. Yet despite being the clubs most prolific goalscorer constantly finds him low in the pecking order behind an out of form Gabby Agbonlahor.

So here comes the assumption from me, probably wrong, but I would consider Randy Lerner to be an ambitious and highly intelligent individual.

I assume Lerner has doubts, he has seen O`Neill practically throw in the towel in the UEFA Cup by putting out a ridiculously weakened side for a game against a side that are ultimately going to be playing Champions League football next season (to concentrate on the league), he then follows it up by attaining one point from the next three games. We fans are constantly assured, from your goodself in part, that money is available. O`Neill appears to have refused to strengthen the squad in January and get in the players to push on in the league (barring Heskey). O`Neill obviously has personal issues with Carew and in my opinion O`Neill needs to get over it, because he is costing us points, and WE, ASTON VILLA are far more important than O`Neill`s feelings towards our best goalscorer.

Lerner will be seeing all these things, the 6 players out of position yesterday, the lack of confidence being shown to our best striker from the management, the prioritising of the league (that has proven to be pointless) and O`Neill`s decision not to utilise Lerner`s funds (that we are assured are there) to strengthen the side further in January. Plus the ongoing lack of depth in our squad (3 years O`Neill has had to address this).

No doubt O`Neill has laid the foundations, but I assume that Lerner would have had high expectations for this season. And if O`Neill doesn`t deliver (there is still time for us to turn it around mind), I suspect that he may well be shown the door. American businessmen are notoriously ruthless, and I suspect Lerner is the same. 5th would probably be acceptable, but 6th is standing still and I doubt that Lerner is one for standing still, I would like to think he is one for moving forward.

Just me assuming General, and I have no doubt that if you do reply to me it will be to shoot me down, I do not expect you to agree with me, but I would like to think Lerner will do what is best for the club, and I have full faith in him which is more than can be said for Martin.

Thanks General.



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  • The MON is the Messiah battalion (it used to be a brigade but is shrinking rapidly) are going to love this.

  • I am starting to question whether he is indeed the Messiah. DOL also finished 6th, and being 4th in March is lovely, but will we remember that if we finish 6th in May? Well we will but it will count for f*** all, wont it?

  • Well written piece YJ, good points well presented, there will be interesting replies Im sure , far better to have reasoned debate like this than abuse.

  • Yes Trekker, plus I think the Title of this article is somewhat misleading as I am sure not everyone shares my view, so its a does Lerner feel the same as YJ not ALL fans, because my opinion is just one amongst many.

  • AVnath, lets see what the American Businessman does shall we. Besides if we finish 5th, it may be ok. But 6th would be shocking especially after we didnt take the CSKA game seriously

  • So are you seriously saying we should get rid of MON?? Have you never seen us lose a couple of games before. Just because we finish 6th one year doesn’t mean we have a devine right to finish 4th!! Yes D’OL got us 6th, but the following season we nearly went down, even if we did finish 6th this season would still be progress to me as we are alot closer to the top 4 than ever before. We are moving in the right direction and the attitude of some fans worries me, lets bring in another boss and then he will make us finsih 6th – IT DOESN’T HAPPEN!!! It also amuses me the fact that people seem to think that had we sent our 1st team to Moscow not only we would we have definitely won, we would have won the whole competition – again we have no devine right for such a thing, two years go we were a nothing side, you can’t expect overnight to just beat all comers and get everything your own way!!

  • I think if there is an absolute buffon around here it isn’t YJ. Rather it is the poster who resorts to abuse because someone has posted an opinion they don’t agree with.

  • Most of these points have been addressed to death in the past, and responses we’ve heard a million times over. Have to say, I disagree wholeheartedly. A few bad results on the back of a season of general greatness is awesome. The seasons not over yet and we’ll see where we are at the end of it. Every other person in the PL and associated with it thinks MON is great, we were and still are very lucky to have him. Who would you bring in YJ? It’s been a few seasons! Look how long it took Fergie to build the squad he wants, same with Wenger, fans were questioning Fergie several years ago, look how stupid they look now. I’ve always liked you as a poster YJ, however I think this post, despite being your opinion is just idiotic.

  • Thanks Cubos for restoring my faith some fans are still on the same planet as me!! I agree MON has made a few mistakes recently, but if you look at where he has taken the club from where it was, it has been fantastic and he said himself we never may get 4th but we will keep trying and I personally am having a great deal of fun on the way these past two seasons!!

  • I’m sure Randy defers to MON on footballing matters, that’s what he pays him for. Thus far in his reign MON has showed significant progress and over-delivered. I imagine Randy must be very pleased with how well things have gone thus far a won’t be too bothered about the rantings of a few fickle plans. He’s a clever man who will look to the bigger picture.

  • Randy and MON have a 5 year plan if you remember, To be realistic, we have been boxing above our weight this season but its still looking good.

  • Hey guys, I am meerly stating that I think Lerner could be questioning some of MON’s decisions. I am not saying he is, it is just my opinion. As some have said above, sorry if it differs from yours. But being called ‘idiotic’ simply because I have SOME doubts, is abit uncalled for. I am a Villa fan like you, and I don’t disrespect your views, so please if possible refrain from disrespecting mine. Its an opinion, we ALL have one. No two are identical.

  • Randy is chuffed and the Messiah’s reigns supreem. Not too long ago we were talking about how it’s going to be dificult for us when Man U or Arsenal come in to take our Marty away. Now we’re talking about kicking him out ourselves? Shocked

  • No one said kick him out [i think] he will sort it out gabby should not have started the game simples …

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