Date: 6th July 2007 at 11:21am
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A heavily delayed press conference yesterday evening at Aston Villa`s brand new training ground announced that former England U-21 captain Nigel Reo-Coker had joined the club in an £8.5million deal. Apparently the delay was paper-work based, I feel however that it may have been due to Reo-Coker’s leg falling off during the medical.

The Manager
Villa boss Martin O`Neill spoke of his delight of finally getting his man and suggested that for everyone concerned “He`ll be worth the wait.”

The manager, speaking to the official website during the press conference said: ‘I am absolutely delighted. It’s been a long, drawn out affair but it was worth the wait. I am really pleased he has signed for us.”

I think he has great energy, superb ability and I think he’ll be a terrific asset for us.”

The Player
Nigel Reo-Coker himself, seemed somewhat happy to be at Aston Villa, but following encouragement by those interviewing him felt the need to take one last swipe at former club West Ham and the supporters, who singled him out for criticism during last seasons dismal Premiership performance.

When asked if he felt he had been made a scapegoat at the press conference, Reo-Coker responded: ‘If I am being honest yes I do believe that.

Whether people want to say I’m being obnoxious or arrogant or just being bitter that’s my own personal belief.

I feel I was hung out to dry.’ ‘This is a fresh start for me, a new beginning and I do not want to dwell on the past.

Turning more to all things Villa, Reo-Coker told of his admiration for Martin O`Neill and how the stature and organisation of the club persuaded him that Villa Park was the place to be.

I wanted to play for Martin O’Neill,’ continued Reo-Coker.

His record speaks for itself – and as soon as I found out about his interest, this was the club I wanted to come to.”

Speaking to the official website today, his first full day as an Aston Villa player he said: ‘This club is massive’

They’ve got a tremendous set of fans, a great stadium and obviously a great manager in Martin O’Neill.”


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  • did any other clubs want him? he talks like he was spoilt for choice, but he is a good player and i’m surpised arsenal didnt go for him. he would do well next to cesc in the middle of the park.

  • yes, al the top clubs are were falling overthemselves to get him! lol A pattern seems to be emerging. talented youngsters, who aint quite good enough for the big boys go to Villa cos they are the only ones who will pay!

  • Oh no, that was Spurs that paid over the odds for player the big teams didn’t want and has no Premiership experience – my mistake. Muppet!

  • Okey cokey mate. £5 mil for one of the best left foots about, who has had rich praise from Sir Alex and Arsene Wenger. Not to mention he has 15 yrs in front of him. A calculated risk methinks. You are right, it was your mistake, you muppet

  • Calculated risk? £5m? or £10m eventually? Alex didn’t want him. Arsene didn’t want him. 2 of the best judges in the game. At least we know that Ashley Young and NRC can hack it in the Premier League. No Risk. Your criticism is misplaced – look to your own teams shortcomings first. Want a left winger? Barry, Berger, Young, Maloney. We seem to have a few spare.

  • CLVilla exactly you plum £5 mil if he flops, 10 if he is a success hence calculated risk. Oh, and you can keep your wingers, even though we are desperate, we still did betetr than you without one. And Young was ours if we wanted. So If Bale is crap cos Arse and Man U didn’t want him (according to you) what does that make Young who Spurs left hanging? Oh, and Reo Choker

  • Jacky – Jol is no judge so it means nothing. His transfer method is buy as many players as he can and see which ones work out. Mendes, Davies, Davenport, Murphy etc etc. Of course you get the odd Berbatov – but that’s inevitable bearing in mind the numbers. And the fee will get to £10m – there is no way Fatty can’t play him, splashing the cash on an untested 17 year old. And lets face it, who else is going to play LW for you?

  • Back on subject – what a fantastic signing. We really will benefit from his leadership in the future. If he and Ashley can link up like they did in the U21s then we will terrorise a few teams next season.

  • Lets get things right first eh. Mendes, Davies, Davenport… Not signed by Jol. Murphy. Squad player. We have a man named Damien Commolli who picks most of the players we sign in tandem with Jol. In fact Berbs was one of the few players Jol said he must have. I’d say our transfer policy has seen us vastly improve over the past couple of seasons. Apologies for you knowing more about Bale’s contract!!! £5 extra mil based solely on appearances? I think not. That extra money will also depend on trophies, which if we win some, we wont mind that extra cost. Thank you. Oh and by the way, Young was £9 mil proven in the prem, as you put it. Lennon £1 mil, unproven in the prem, and now a full international.

  • In that case the Vital Spurs site is incorrect, The article confirming his signature clearly says based on appearances. Forgive me for believing it – I won’t make that mistake again. Same story whatever – somebody at Spurs is buying the wrong players, with the occasional – and I mean occasional – good one. As I say, throw enough mud, some will stick. Edgar Davids anyone?

    And £16.5m for Bent – how can you critisise NRC when you have just been ripped off big time. I am not saying either fees are right – but the hypocracy is sticking in my throat. These are the prices we must pay in the modern market.

  • Some true points there, but if we only get the occasional good player, why were we 5th twice in a row? We have signed some great players of late. you criticise us for signing the highest scoring PROVEN (as you like to point out) English striker when you have signed NRC, who is nowhere near the best midfielder England have to offer. Dont get me wrong, I like Villa, and you scored one of my favourite goals last year (Berger one two edge of box) I just came for a wind up, cos I can

  • I wasn’t saying that Bent is a bad signing – on the contrary I think he will be good for you – it was just a comparison. These are the prices that top clubs have to pay for the players they want, so your first post on this thread was completely hypocritical. I have to say that this is my first negative experience of Spurs. I have many friends who support them and a nicer bunch of lads you could not find anywhere. But the Vital lot are so delusional and offensive it is untrue. We all support our club, but there is no need to critisise ever move made by other clubs just because of that.

  • kind of i spose, but we did not set the price for Bent, wet spam did. Hence his high tag. Reo Coker, it seems, only received an offer from you. as for Vital Spurs… Offensive maybe, but delusional? I think we have every right to be optimistic, More so than Villa, City , Newcastle and West ham. If you want delusional, go over to Vital man city (where i have also been sticking my oar in!) and check out the list of players who they see as “possible”

  • Now optimistic is a good word – and right for you and Villa. Haven’t seen the Man City site yet, but I can imagine. You may have got 5th place the last 2 seasons, but I think there may be more competition from a number of clubs next season. I don’t think any of us can take anything for granted.

  • with regards Mancity, three words Gattuso, Totti, Juninho (of Lyon).
    Agreed, at long last some competition (hopefully) for the top 4

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