Date: 24th March 2006 at 2:05pm
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Hurrah, the news we have all been waiting for, David O’Leary likes Villa!

The under pressure boss says he will not walk out on Villa. Of course he won’t, he’ll wait for Doug to do what Doug always does and then pick up a tidy cheque for failing as a manager.

He told Sky Sports News: ‘I’m not going to walk away from this football club. This is a football club that means a great deal to me.’

Shame the fans don’t mean anything to him then, or the performances this season.

He carries on: ‘I’ve stated all along someone’s got to put this club back up there and I’m determined to do that. The more you actually stay here, people try and turn it to you getting frustrated, but it makes you more determined.’

More determined? We are in the same position as we were 3 years ago when he took over from Graham Taylor and the only fight we have seen from the man was when he got his new contract!

‘You start to like more and more people within the club, you like the area, like the people who want the club to do well so I want to be here when it does do well. Somebody’s got to do it, the more you’re here, the more determined you are to do it.’

He also says that there has been no meeting with Doug Ellis about his future despite reports this week saying the board and manager were at loggerheads.

Superb. No sign of Ellis going and now no sign of David O’Leary going. Just plenty of signs of the fans all going and more to follow next season.


2 Replies to “DOL & Ellis To Stay – Fans To Go”

  • I noticed in an interview with D’OL that he said something like ‘in the summer we plan to bring some people in’, reffering to him and Herbert. This leads me to assume that my faint hope that the club will be sold dependant to staying up was nothing but a

  • Its an absolute fact that the current Villa Park scenario simply cannot continue. Something has to give. Whether that involves new ownership of the club, a new manager, or possibly both, the club cannot afford to remain as is over the summer months. There

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