Date: 4th June 2018 at 3:00pm
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The Sun are reporting that a consortium led by businessman Matt Southall and former Blackburn Rovers Head of Operations Paul Senior are interested in buying the club from Tony Xia.

Our defeat in the Playoff Final to Fulham has reportedly prompted our owner to “cut his losses” and sell up.

However, supporters on Twitter were highly sceptical about the story. Here is some of the reaction:


It is not advisable to trust any report from the Sun. I’m with most fans who will take this story by David Coverdale with a large pinch of salt.

Until a more reliable source corroborates it, I don’t think it’s worth getting too worked up about. Of course, there is a possibility that Tony Xia may look to cash in after failing to get this club back into the big time.

However, his recent statement about plans for the future doesn’t suggest that he intends to sell. That may change, but we’ll have to see.

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6 Replies to “‘Don’t Believe It’ ‘Spreading More Rubbish’ – Fans Not Having Reports Of Possible Villa Takeover”

  • Don’t believe a word the Sun says, just need the owner to clarify the club position and the sooner the better.

  • Hopefully it’s more false new,XIA even now may be interviewing “Bielsa” who is called
    the “God” father of genius football coaching. The church of AVFC needs divine help,from
    the prevailing demons who attack it. If the 3-1 3-1-3 of Bielsa,is the road to the promised
    land. Then AVe,Maria lead XIA to him. This novena is from an OAP, 58yrs of support.
    Sorry Steve you never made the promise land,

  • He’s a businessman, as he said in the statement. But at the moment the market isn’t right for a big money sale that he’d need to make his money back.

  • Simple. Clarify your position Dr Xia. Then get rid of or keep Bruce. The sooner we get past these two issues the better. If changing managers Bruce can’t spend any money on anything. Personally, with the squad we had, we should be playing in the premiership this season. With the lack of attack emphasis, he should go. Do it now Dr Xia. The more we linger, the worse it will get.

  • Goodbye Bruce. Xia you are a businessman please see sense and get rid. I don’t wanna get back into premier league until we have a style and intent with our football.

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