Date: 19th October 2006 at 5:50pm
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Quotes from the Daily Mail:

‘Doug Ellis, the former Aston Villa chairman, is already believed to be regretting selling his club to American Randy Lerner. Deadly Doug will be even more miffed if, as is being planned, the new owner changes the name of the Doug Ellis Stand at Villa Park’

No further comment needed.



26 Replies to “Doug Regrets Sale?”

  • Yesssssssssssssss! Changing the name! It gets better. That would really show he’s got the balls and his finger on the pulse.

  • What a jelaous twat. Looking for sympathy, as though it isnt all the recent changes which has got us where we are.

    The years of depression are over, and take those filthly letters off the witotn lane stand aswel.

    What has he done to deserve that?

  • If i were over 80 and i had just sold a company for over £60 million and got 30% of that then i would be pretty happy! But im not over 80 and i have not sold a company for over £60 million so i wouldn’t know for sure!

    I would be surprised if the stand

  • Is it that quite possibly he misses being interviewed by Sky Sports News having the camera focus on him at Villa Park…. he alkways really shunned the limelight didn’t he. Now I hear a club not a million miles away maybe ready to implode…..Doug could b

  • At this stage, who honestly cares? I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about him now. I bare no hard feelings but he is now of no consequence.

  • For all the years of hurt, how easy its been to forget about the old sod. Fantastic, the Lion roars again.

  • fatloser, that would be the dream. Ellis takes his £21 million and buys the dildo salesmen from small heath. I think there should be two petitions started. First one should be – porn dwarf out … Ellis in!! Secondly we should be campaigning to ensure tha

  • Isn’t it great? Not only is Randy working hard to put money into Villa, which is something Herbert never did, he just took, but he is even listening to the fans.
    The sooner that horrible name is removed the better for everyone.
    Let’s face it, the last

  • Is this man for real? Picture the scene O,dreary being interviwed after failing to beat Reading/Watford and telling the fans that we should accept we are playing at our level.Ishudder to think where we were heading.God bless Randy & Martin.

  • COME BACK DOUG ! ALL IS FORGIVEN. We dont really like Randy cos he’s a yank and knows nothing about soccer….ooops I mean football ! His right hand man is a general and doesnt know much either. You did a marvellous job with the £8 million you put in the

  • We aint seen nothing yet guys, a reliable source who had a chat with ‘The General’ during the spurs game was givan info regarding new sponsorship and signings in january, i’m awaiting confirmation from him to be able to elaborate on this, but if, and when

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