Date: 29th December 2010 at 9:43am
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For the fact I`ve got a bit of a mouth on me and all that…!… I have never been one for knee jerk reactions to managers and despite having serious reservations about our former manager Martin O`Neill my comment was that he`d earnt the right for another season with two Wembley trips and 6, 6, 6…

With that said… I would like today to see two words from Gerard Houllier … a manager I`ve done nothing but support and stick up for in these forums since he arrived.

The two words have to be au revoir.

I can no longer support ‘that`… I was there yesterday, the best part of the day was the train journey up and the crack with the lads from Vital and also a great bunch I had a chat and a laugh with in one of the pubs before the game (they insisted I`d said I wanted Sam Allardyce following Steve Wade`s article and ripped me a new one! LOL… Honest lads, I don`t want him here… ! LOL)

I can now see why French football is in such a shambles and why they exited the World Cup so quickly if Houllier was amongst those at the top of the tree ‘sorting them out`.

If he stays… and as said, this seems totally alien to be saying this about a manager who hasn`t really even started in some ways and knee jerk reactions are never the best but I do fear our new song to run out to before games would need to be:

I had a Spurs mate text me the other day saying ‘I didn`t realise you were that bad`…. The Manchester City fans we spoke to after the game in the pub were also shocked and said that they hadn`t even played that well and that if they had turned it on, they thought it could have been eight.

I`d gone up there intending to have a laugh, I said that I was going to spend the game looking away from the pitch and that I`d invent my own match report no matter what happened on it. Sadly I don`t feel like doing that as we were so inept yesterday that joking about it doesn`t seem at all appropriate.

The away fans are always – I think – the most loyal and die hard of fans and yet some were leaving before half time, I didn`t blame them at all, a few of my mates also wanted out, we were at the back of the stand and two just sat down and had a chat, no view of the game at all. I begged them to stay, they did, it went from bad to worse and I had to asses, did I want to walk out for the first time I can remember (apart from Man Utd game years back when I wanted to see England play in the Rugby World Cup … something very different that walking in disgust) and stick with my mates and the crack, or did I want to do what I always do. Stay and support Villa.

I left….

My first game was 1977…I’ve done about 20 years season ticket wise I think (or the old student voucher scheme) with just a 2 year (ish) break after my brain op (the Villa didn’t do anything to help in those days, not like now) I have never walked out of a game just after half time in my life. Now I know some (voiceoftheholte, come on man!!!!) will say that is wrong and you stay and support but I do support, I was supporting, I was there, I love Villa as much as the next man but when the players don`t care, the manager has no clue and we are back to the dark days of David O`dearme (who in his defence had no money to spend, was at the end of a pretty tired club board wise + had a lot of injuries etc) I just couldn`t see my way to ditch my mates and stay. Support is a two way street and the more I read the comments from players (Pires the other day, sorry, that was pathetic… he should have a look at our fine sportsmen over in Australia missing their family and friends but retaining the Ashes… that is proper sporting ‘sacrifice`) and the more I see the haunted expressionless face of our current manager, the deader I feel.

Maybe years of fighting have finally caught up with the Villa`s claret and blue army, the so near and yet so far feeling has been replaced with a totally sinking feeling and I think as a fan base we are pretty loyal, stand by our team well and all we want is to see pride in the shirt.

Yesterday there was no pride. I`d not be able to do a proper match report if I tried, I could certainly not rate any of the players but as a team including the manager, they`d get a zero.

A young lad coming out at the same time as us said the players should give their weeks wages to charity.

So how about it Villa, manager, coaches, players… give your wages to Acorns to apologise to the fans. They would make good use of it and it would go some way to show that you really do care.

If this continues we are in a battle royale to stay up. I kept saying no way would we get sucked into a relegation battle but look at our fixtures ….

Chelsea away…
Sunderland at Villa Park (massive game)
Blues away
Man City at home
Wigan away (another massive game)
Man Utd away

And then what could be a crunch month…. Feb with three who will be there or there abouts battle wise… Fulham, Blackpool and Blackburn.


Our latest poll, suggested by hill678 asks if Houllier should go…. When I sent it I said no way… my vote is different today. Fickle? No. Gutted? Yes

And so who in?

Thankfully, not my job, but trust me lads, not Big Sam… unless it was a straight choice between him and Houllier and no one else! (Good to meet you all yesterday, you were gentlemen and scholars!)