Date: 28th December 2009 at 3:47pm
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Got a nice post in the forum today from a football fan from Holland who is undertaking the 92 challenge (you go to all 92 league grounds if you don’t know what that is!). He visited Villa Park and couldn’t be more complimentary about it if he tried which is lovely to hear from a neutral!

Gert said:


together with a friend I visited your match vs Spurs last month. For our impression of the ground please click

Hope you enjoy it, we certainly did enjoy our stay!


From his links:

Impression of the ground:

Oh wow!! Villa Park is one of the finest grounds around. Though it was only the 24th we visited, I’m convinced you won’t see many better ones. It’s beautiful, from the outside (the Holte End facade is absolutely fantastic, the gates with the inscriptions and the lions also are) and inside as well. Villa fans are privileged to support their club in this temple! It was a shame it was an evening match and the weather was very bad, so we couldn’t make as many pictures as we’d like to. But there will be a revisit, no doubt and we’ll go for it that time. The only part that might change is the north stand, which is just not wide enough. The club has plans to increase this stand and rise overall capacity to 51,000. If that happens and it will be as good as the other stands, Villa Park should be placed at the UN’s world heritage list!


Great! The Holte End hosts some 10,000 fanatical Villans and they really make some noise! Though the stand has got seats, we stood most of the time. And that’s the way it should be! Spurs had a great and noisy following so this was a cracker!

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