Date: 6th December 2009 at 4:45pm
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There is a report in the Sunday Mercury today by Mat Kendrick with quotes from Dwight Yorke

Full report:

I know this will get slated by many but I have to admit, I still remember the great times and blank out the way it all ended. Sad thing is if he had stayed, we might have won the blinking league that year but as hard as it is to stay, his decision to move was vindicated, he did win everything with Man Utd. I know the kissing the badge to the Villa fans was a bad thing but then again, wasn’t the abuse he received through the game?!

Anyway, I still remember the Yorkie with a wide smile on his face and the great goals – that penalty (when he just chipped it) alone was just fantastic!

Anyway, in the report he explains the conflict of whether to move or not and also says he was offered a fantastic package at Villa to stay as he felt a sense of loyalty to the Villa.

‘I was in that meeting [with Doug and JG offering him a £1m signing fee to stay], listening to this offer and thinking: ‘Can I really walk away from this?’ So why did I? Deep down, I was torn between dedicating the best years of my career to the club I owed so much and taking a chance of even greater things a hundred miles up the road.’

And on ‘that’ game v Everton where Yorke looked like he was just strolling around with no interest at all: ‘There was time for me to play what would be my last match for Villa, the opening game of the new season for Everton, and I think that must have been my worst performance for the club since I arrived. It was not through any deliberate policy on my part. It never would be. I know Villa fans have always accused me of ‘playing to get away’ that day but there was so much going on by then, so many distractions, that it was hard to focus on the game – anyone who has been in that position will tell you the same.’

He says at the end he had thought he’d be at Villa for life. I wish.. such a shame. Ho hum!

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