Date: 27th March 2010 at 5:54pm
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Chelsea 7-1 ASTON VILLA

Worst defeat since 1964 (so I’m told, not checked myself). Villa got taught a lesson today, one that, with the money spent and time building the squad, we SHOULD NOT have had to be taught.

This was as bad a display as the score suggests and I see little profit in picking over the bones to be honest.

Villa have for the second season in a row, whimpered out of the running for 4th place, whether through tactics, fatigue or just the harsh fact that maybe we aren’t as good as we’d like to think we are, I’m not sure right now would be a sane time to reflect.

Credit to Chelsea, they’d not have dreamt of this result in a month of Sunday’s but took full advantage.

Star Man: Are you having a giraffe?

Worst Performer: I’ve suggested that the entire team and coaching staff donate this weeks wages to Acorns Charity: Click Here

Best Moment: The final whistle.

Tactics: Sorry, not today… we lost 7-1, don’t care who or what is to blame, this is not acceptable

Chant of the game: Villa fans sang from start to end, they did us proud, the team didn’t.

Oppo Fans: Martin, give us a wave, Martin Martin, give us a wave. :o(

Will follow up later with the managers reaction and hopefully Glensiders away match report in the morning.

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