Date: 29th April 2006 at 11:40am
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Aston Villa chairman has been whittering on and making a pratt of himself and furthering the fall from grace of Aston Villa. Only an egotistic nightmare like Ellis could turn such a fantastic club into the laughing stock it has become and still not see the damage he has done.

He is clearly not happy with this season and yet it is his polices that have driven us to it and no amount of manager-merry-go-rounds will solve the real issue until the man at the top leaves.

The 82-year-old menace says ‘All I can do is work hard, I haven’t found a substitute for hard work. I still play my tennis and do six hours a day at the office.’

Well Ellis, Bjorg was a great tennis player (much like you apparently) but he was a diabolical businessman (much like you). I can think of no other chairman of a PLC that constantly measures his ability to head a company by the fact he can still play tennis. Maybe we should have a grudge match, winner takes all. I’m a demon at tiddly-winks so I should be very well qualified to take the helm.

Ellis has humiliated the club – and himself – in many interviews, his latest just join the sad list. What he doesn’t understand – especially with the many takes needed to get a decent interview from him – is just how much the press and reporters laugh about him behind his back. No, it isn’t very nice to say, but then he is 82 and still thinks he is the best man for the job and when he finally did do the right thing and bring in a capable CEO, Bruce Langham proved too good and allowed to ‘leave’.

Thing is, Doug doesn’t even have to sell up in order to stand down from the board, it is just for his own selfish reasons he remains. Alan Sugar is still Spurs largest shareholder but he got the message he wasn’t wanted. Maybe Villa fans are just too apathetic to drive that message home to Doug, maybe those who are talking about making the campaign far more nasty have got it right.

Ellis told Sky Sports News: ‘We have 312 full-time staff, 930 part-time and everything depends on what happens out on that pitch.’

It has to depend on what happens on the pitch because your board and you are not capable of doing anything business wise OFF the pitch. In 22 years of being at the helm you have managed just two league cup wins and have brought the club to its knees. You are simply a failure.

He added: ‘Things like the merit award are dependant on what position you arrive at the end of the season, therefore it’s very worrying. Yes, of course I’m very disappointed.’

You aren’t alone there Doug but your £200k wages and £50k bonus should soften the blow, whereas for us fans watching the team COSTS US. We don’t claim to put our money in our pocket we actually DO IT. Wonder if he will take another £50k bonus at the next agm? You bet he will, the man has no pride. Will the shareholders get a dividend? You bet they won’t – AGAIN.

He has also now gone back completely on what he said a few years ago about the golden future with our youth players. I seem to remember doing an article at the time saying ‘Golden Era My Arse’ and sadly every word has proved to be true.

‘You can’t play in The Premiership with youngsters only, they have to have some older heads alongside them. Nevertheless, our youngsters have done exceptionally well.’

So if we need the older heads, where are they? Why did our manager have to sell the experienced players and where are there replacements?

He also says the Comers have failed to come up with the money despite the fact he would have accepted their offer adding: ‘we are in the hands of the Stock Exchange and we can’t just make statements. They control us as we are a plc company and we are not allowed to discuss anything until such time as the contracts are signed. I act on behalf of all the shareholders, not just myself, and as such I’m not going to discuss money. The more important thing is to find someone who is prepared to take the club forward. That is more important than money.’

An article in the Birmingham Mail had figures from the survey put to us season ticket holders with 2/3rds saying they won’t renew if O’Leary remained in charge. Shame they didn’t add a section for if Ellis remains.

Is this a Freudian slip? Doug said: ‘We will survive, it would be a miracle if we didn’t.’ ????

Adding: ‘Notwithstanding that, I am disappointed where we are and I have to face up to it. I have to be a realist – I don’t run away from it.’

No-no, please do run Doug, run as fast as your little legs will carry you, AS FAR AWAY FROM VILLA PARK AS POSSIBLE, and just keep running.

No amount of hatred could express the true feelings of many Villa fans for what you have done to this club.


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  • Got to get the prayer mats out and hope that someone approaches and that Rothschild are able to convince Doug that his valuation isn’t the same as everyone elses.

  • I met him once, about ten years ago. He told me that the club was almost bankrupt when he took over and that HE had saved us. He also told me that he invented the package holiday and put ‘a lot’ of his own money into ‘saving’ Aston Villa.

  • He was part of a consortium (and not the major part) so he did help when times were bad but how long do you live in the past? We met with with Stride and Ansell a few years back (Howard Hodgson, Carl Chinn, Buck Chinn, Jonny Gould, David Carson, Naz and

  • There have been so many potential takeover stories you have to be convinced that it is pointless negotiating with Ellis, that, somehow he will forever be moving the foalposts for his own ends rather than trying to conclude a fair and reasonable deal.

  • The truest words ever written/spoken, the club is where it is today, in the state its in, because of Ellis and his policies. No amount of appointing new managers will change the scenario. Papering over the cracks is merely delaying the inevitable. Until E

  • Fantastic article but as Doug said “they’ll have to carry me out in a box”. The man was no good for Aston Villa when he had his wits about him but now, as age begins to take its toll, its akin to Stevie Wonder driving a taxi. Guaranteed to end in disaster

  • Blame the manager and players as the chairman pumps money into the football club and the Manager spends it .

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