Date: 17th May 2006 at 5:25pm
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As the rumour mill moves on to Russian businessmen looking at Aston Villa, Doug Ellis has confirmed (ahem) that a number (cough, cough) of offers have come in.

If they have – and lets face it, they haven’t – then why has the City and the shareholders been informed?

However, he doesn’t think any Russians have approached! Would he even know?

Ellis said: ‘I have said quite openly that I was prepared to sell to the Comer brothers who came in with an offer way below the true value of the club. Nevertheless, they were seen to be football people, terribly keen to get into football. Unfortunately so far it hasn’t come off. Having said that, we are looking at other people, of course, who have come in.’

So is £64million now seen as ‘below the true value?’ and if so, who is doing the valuation? According to the Birmingham Mail Ellis believes he is selling the club at half the real value of the club. We really are in more trouble than I thought!

‘As and when that happens – a buyer comes in – the criteria is that they are football people and can take Aston Villa forward and be very interested in the progress of Aston Villa Football Club. They should not just be coming to asset-strip because we have got some valuable land to build houses on.’

Valuable land? Slap bang in the middle of Aston? NO offence meant at all, but……. Aston is not Chelsea.


7 Replies to “Ellis Selling Villa At Half Price”

  • How could anyone know, it could just be yet another rumour and we certainly don’t have any details. We’ll all be gutted to see Ellis go though, and beside ourselves if he takes the manager with him. Not sure we’ll ever get over it. 😉

  • I think we should just stick a big for sale sign outside villa park and hope for the best because the rochdales don’t seem to be having alot of success.

  • That they are football people and take Aston Villa FORWARD… just like you and your sycophantic cronies have done then ? Is that the criteria on which they will be judged?

  • J- You’re right Aston is no Chelsea but good luck in trying to find another Abramovich.
    PS Don’t listen to all those jealous snipers who say he’s bad for footy!

  • You know me Merlin, I’ve mixed feelings re: Abramovich, for the ‘elite’ to fall lucky and take all the assets out of Russia seems wrong. Will I be miserable if it happens to us though?!! :o)

  • Its scary. Ellis has completely lost it, and not one of his boardroom cronies, including Stride, has the guts or inclination to speak up against the tyrant. Maybe revolt from within the boardroom might just be the spark needed to set the fire alight under

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