Date: 3rd April 2006 at 9:35am
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Yes, it is that time of year again, when everyone waits with baited breath for the results of the End of Season Awards. This is the first year for Vital Villa awards but we’ll carry on the ‘proud’ tradition of for voting on the things that matter most!!

This year, we have the following categories that will all be put up as polls over the next few weeks. The options have all been suggested by Vital Villa message board members.

DOL’s Worst Excuse?

The hard pitch is injuring the players
They play badly at home coz of the fans
The takeover talk is unsettling
The previous managers spent too much
Local press are against me
The fans need to get real

Player of the season –

Gareth Barry
Steven Davis
Milan Baros
Mark Delaney
James Milner

Young Player of the season –

Steven Davis
James Milner
Luke Moore
Liam Ridgewell
Craig Gardner

Goal of the Season –

Davis vs Charlton
Phillips vs Blues
Moore (3rd goal) vs Middlsbro
Angel vs Everton
Agbonlahor’s debut goal v Everton
Thierry Henry against us.

The Best Beard Award – (held annually to ensure that Mellberg wins something whilst at Villa)

Olof Mellberg
Liam Ridgewell
Milan Baros
Juan Pablo Angel (when he forgets to shave!)

Biggest Let Down-

Wilfred Bouma
Juan Pablo Angel
Milan Baros
Olof Mellberg
Jlloyd Samuel

With thanks to Deanovilla.


12 Replies to “End Of Season Awards”

  • Who the hell put the under performing overpaid scared of the ball Baros down for player of the season? The most lazy player yes but best no way.

  • Also why is Stephan Moore down for best young player? Have I slipped into a timewarp, oh yes I have here comes Doug.

  • Stephan was me in a time warp, so I’ve corrected that! As for Baros, he is out top scorer which is no mean feat the way the team has been playing.

  • I’m just a fella who’s fickle. The best beard should go to the women in the snackbar in the Upper Holte.

  • Will show how bad we have been if Delaney manages to win player of the year…he has only played about 12 games???

  • How I’d vote: DOL’s Worst Excuse? The fans need to get real, Player of the season – Steven Davis , Young Player of the season –
    Luke Moore, Goal of the Season – Thierry Henry against us, The Best Beard Award – (held annually to ensure that Mellberg wins

  • We need to vote and have an award for ‘Worst team performance of the season’. There’s plenty on offer. I’d go for the 4-0 hammering at Upton Park, simply because it was a major, major let down, what with Bouma and Milner making their debuts, and Baros pla

  • I’m with Tierney, biggest let down has to be JPA. I dunno what happened to him. There used to be a hippy looking south american dude who scored 20 goals called JPA but it’s definately not this useless, lazy floppy haired tool.

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