Date: 2nd September 2009 at 4:51pm
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Is everybody sitting comfortably? Then I shall begin!

We have all watched, speculated and celebrated/commiserated the rollercoaster ride that is the most depressing time of the year – The Transfer Window.

No Villa for a couple of months and nothing but rabid conjecture regarding who will/will not be dressed in the wonderful claret and blue of the Mighty Villa.

I work for ‘an established local newspaper’ and for the last few weeks I’ve been having my ears burnt by a substantial amount of alleged gossip, in fact, I got so riled by the latest sport editors ‘exclusive’ that I started a rumour myself purely to see how far it got out of hand (it nearly went to print, only stopped as my manager, who knew it was a hoax, stepped in and got the plug pulled!)

Now though, we can all smell the fresh air, the stench of bile has cleared and we have a few months of transfer-liberty, until it opens again.

I’ve been reading and blogging along with the rest of you on the ‘only site that matters’ (is the cheque in the post Mr Fear?) and have gone through every emotion from jubilation to despair at the things said by you, my esteemed colleagues. whilst we all agree, or disagree, or agree to disagree on many of the topics discussed, we have all demonstrated passion and for that, I salute you.

I have to admit though to being rather tentative of a morning to log on to Vital, as certain posts would inevitably, at some point, get me riled. Every fan on here is fully entitled to an opinion, be it positive or otherwise, but this damn passion that I mentioned makes you forget this and the need to argue becomes overwhelming and I’m a lover, not a fighter!

But, more pressing matters come to a head, we now have a seasons worth of football to concentrate on, so this is a call to arms, a chance for everyone to enjoy a cyber-group hug!

I want opinions put to one side, this post is not about discussion or speculation, I don’t want negativity, I want every Villa fan who loves this club and uses this site to take the chance to wish each other a prosperous season, this post is for everyone to get that feel good factor back, I want everyone to tell me how loud they are going to sing and everyone to stand up and say we may not sit in the same stand, but we all stand together.

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to get the ball rolling – May every Villa fan sing the roof off at every game and may we fully support every player who wears the shirt, but most importantly, may every Villa fan enjoy this season, I’ll be right there with you.