Date: 27th August 2010 at 6:02pm
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mauvaisgarcon has had his say… in two parts… but hey, I’ve merged them… boo me!

Enough knee jerk reaction please!!! Part 1 of 2

This is, potentially, my first & last article. You see I’ve never actually written one before. I’ve read plenty and made the odd comment but how do I know if I’m actually good enough to be published?

In the big time. On Vital Aston Villa no less!

I believe I’ve got the required skills. Can discuss topics sensibly and often see things others miss (except spelling & punctuation of course). I’m calm under pressure, understand the concepts and have plenty of experience using these skills in a similar way. But having never done it… How do I know?

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Kmac (formerly Super Kev) was royally dropped in it. He never asked for this. But was trust onto the stage and told ‘you’ll be fine’… Now I don’t know Kmac, Randy Lerner or any of the players. I have no real idea why Martin O’Neill went… or even if any villa player still uses a webcam.

But what I do know is what I think of them in their professional roles. As footballers, coaches and management at Villa Park.

‘Never judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes’ my granddad used to say. Which is very true, but this is football and I have watched my team’s players run 1000’s of miles over the years… So I will pass judgement. It is my right as a fan, follower and lover of Aston Villa FC to do so.

Mon left us because it suited him. He is a very intelligent man, someone who ‘ponders’ and looks at every angle. I can see him being the next Man City manager in the near future. He did a fantastic job at Villa. The successive 6th place finishes, two trips to Wembley… European competitive football. His stock is still very high everywhere except VP. He has now joined the unfaithful ex-wifegirlfriend club. Once loved but now shunned. He can now list himself alongside the likes of Barry & Yorke. As Ex’s lost.

So f*** ***. *** ***** and *** you *****! I think that says it for most of us. But that’s just emotion talking.

Time heals old wounds.

Which brings us on the Kmac era. Kmac, I believe, likes his teams to play FOOTBALL. Now I know that’s quite an alien concept at VP. I once heard that David O’Leary used to have hoofing practice with his ‘honest bunch of lads’ which went down that well that MON kept it up… except for Beye who wasn’t allowed to take part in those sessions, he had keepy-uppy practice at the same time?? But I have to say that under Kmac we have played some, dare I say it, breathtakingly exciting football. We were absolutely brilliant against West ham. Which was only 13 days ago. We then got a very good draw at Rapid with kids (which is more than the ex managed there). Then came Newcastle. End of part 1

And straight to part two by the magic of …. errr, well, the site editor really!

Enough knee jerk reaction please!!! Part 2 of 2

What the **** happened there?

We missed a pen to go 1-0. Note to Villa players here: Can you PRACTICE your pens please. The toon got a lucky goal, was Brad unsighted??? Then we had a perfectly good equaliser disallowed. Then they got 2 more. Then a 4th & two in the last mins. I still look back and can’t believe that. Kmac (formerly Super Kev) tried to play football against a group of lucky cloggers… even though I do really rate Carroll, but he’ll be bought by ManC reserves in Jan (probably) so enjoy it while it lasts toon army. Oh yeh and thanks for Milner we made loads on him. 🙂 lol. ha ha ha ha!!!! and we relegated them plus removed their own Super Kev. So they beat us 6-0. Who got the better deal in p*** taking rights?

So to last nights crushing defeat. KM (formerly known as Kmac) has now totally destroyed our club! He doesn’t know what he’s doing! He has no experience! He used to be a scouser for goodness sake!

Why was he even allowed near VP! – Or am I mis-reading and media spinning (lying to you & me) some others posts?

The truth is Super Kev has done a fantastic job with the foundations of the future of Aston Villa. We all know that. He has given the youth a chance. Given us exciting, even though losing, football. Over the last couple of weeks. Maybe the job is too big for him. But some of our comments have been totally disgusting and driven by ‘TalkAdvert’ style radio phone in losers, ‘knee jerk’ reactions to the last two games. ffs!

Give him a break.

He’s down on back room staff, given a new toy in ‘Ireland’ and told to play with him (probably). Has an injured Gabby – who looked awesome! A Carew that’s forgotten how to play! A national joke in Heskey (which I think is totally unfair but that’s for another time) No collinsdunne partnership etc…

Aston Villa is bigger than ALL of us. It will be here long after RL, us and the Ex have all popped our clogs. I think the growing problem at VP is us.

I’m as disappointed as any of us with the last few days and I’m worried about the visit of Everton. But knowing football we’ll beat them 5-0 and everything will be rosy again. KM will then be backed by the ‘knee jerk’ reaction brigade. And so it goes on…

Or worse he’ll change tactics and grind out a 0-0. What we should be asking is what do we really want? Are we ever going to create an atmosphere at VP? Are we going to raise the team’s spirits when they need it? Personally I want entertaining football. I also want a team and a club aiming to challenge on 4 fronts each year. Football is now all about money according to the media. Not 11 blokes kicking a ball about. No. It’s about money (say the Sun readers).

But its not. It’s about memorable nights like tonight. Wembley trips and excitement. Yes we lost. But it wasn’t a boring 1-0 defeat (which I have seen far too much of over the years). We had plenty of chances, missed a pen and failed to be awarded another. Heskey even scored (which is about as rare as a playboy footballer having a threesome with a mother & daughter)… But then you can’t ‘manage’ mistakes by players. KM took chances and got us PLAYING football, obviously not defending, but you get my point. Hopefully. All I ask is that we all start loving, with kindness and understanding, our beautiful club and its current representatives.

Aston Villa FC. We should sing & chant our way back into contention. Playing football (and not being afraid to do so), with passion and flair. Plus restoring the hoofing practice session just for HB’s benefit.