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Slightly tongue in cheek this…

Has Alex McLeish finally admitted that it IS his fault where Villa are at in the league?

The Villa manager said: “I`m used to, having not been the manager until this year, expecting Villa to be in the upper tiers of the Premier League.”

You have to laugh, could have been slightly better worded eh?! He goes on to tell Mat Kendrick in an interview for the Birmingham Mail we`re doooooomed….

Oh no, sorry, that was just me…

Where was I?

Oh yes, he understands why the Villa fans expect to be top ten, “If you`re wearing that jersey and it`s Villa, with the heritage… and everything.” but then points to the ever repeated word (we`ve been in transition for 30 odd years haven`t we?!)

“But we are definitely a club in transition at the moment.” He also points more to Randy than himself, another thing I`d suggest we have now got used to? I have asked a few Brummie fans if McLeish ever took the blame for anything that went wrong, they just laughed shaking their heads.

Anyway, he talks about transition and that “We`ve still got to get to the level where Randy Lerner and the club want the wages and build from there.”

Now I think there are a few bad apples in the team, a few who are more interested in their wage pack than actually playing and there are a few who have been poor throughout the last season under MON, the whole of the Gerrard Houllier season and this season. However, isn`t a managers job to manage? If they don`t perform, would you not try something different? I`m talking about trying something different when you have the options, not ‘trying` because it is forced by injury?

And our CEO said that Europe was the aim and he was right in my opinion, we have a squad who should be at least top eight and pushing for the 6th spot. We might not have the best squad but there is NO WAY that we are worse than so many above us and NO WAY bad enough to have had some of the no shows we`ve suffered this year.

Running this network I talk with a lot of fans and editors on the other sites and some are simply shocked as to how Villa have become a white flag club all of a sudden. Lets face it, Arsenal on their day are devastating, beautiful to watch and almost unstoppable. But we always at the very least gave ANY team a battle didn`t we? Now we give sides like that a training game, they didn`t even have to break into a sweat. Then there was the Spurs game…. least said soonest mended, a Spurs contact (one of our advertisers) usually rings up for banter after games. He gave me TWO WEEKS before even mentioning that and then explained he knew it wasn`t the time for banter, in fact he was shocked at how bad we`d been and knew the Villa fans (who he says don`t deserve this level of disrespect) would be hurting.

And would you belief, just had this from another advertiser who supports Arsenal:

@Jonathan, right, let`s get it out of the way now….you lot were extremely poor on Saturday. Could`ve been a cricket score J Best thing I read all weekend was Arseblogger comparing McLeish to a shrunken, withered, sunburnt testicle. My how I lol`d.

Any way down to business…

You know what the sad thing is? I can`t argue with a word.

This is not transition to me, this is capitulation. He`s got the white flag up before he even starts.

I`m a fan in conflict, I agree there is a transition again. We shot for the stars and missed out. Millions were spent under the first manager and Gerrard Houllier didn`t exactly have a cheap time of it either (the one signing then being shipped out on loan having cost a small fortune) but are we really THAT bad? I`ve had a quick (very quick) look at what we have and then looked at some of the teams above us. Should we really have Norwich City, Swansea City and WBA above? See: Is Our Squad REALLY ‘That’ Bad To Be 15th?

The other conflict is the talk of PROTESTS. It saddens me that it is back to that and also how fractured the fans are about it. I`ve been asked a few times to set some up but it just is not my bag protesting about managers. I understand why people want to, actually I struggle to see why the guy setting up the current ones has had so much abuse thrown his way, as it seems a pretty common wish for McLeish to go (see forum thread:
Click Here ) but then I also hate, on a human level, some of the filth being said to and about Alex McLeish. Horrible for them to face this anger but yes, I know, big wages and also, if they don`t like it, they can leave. But … well, just not nice is it? And especially not after all the excitement when Randy and MON first turned up. I guess the swift fall since then has made the anger even higher. As some have said in the article comments ( Click Here ) you could stick to the point about him not being a great manager without the ginger this, Scottish that.

I knew when he was linked, hence my summer press stuff about ‘mission impossible` that this would happen and even reasonable things said by the club are being ripped apart (and then fans turn on fans, some try to be positive and are ripped into, those being passionately angry on the flipside also get ripped into!)

The most … yes, I know this has turned into a ramble… worrying thing is on one hand he`s told us the camp is confident: Villa Camp Full Of Confidence before this game then after it we are told a) a 20 year old missed a few goals… not great man management b) we aren`t realistic expecting to go and win: Alex Disappointed, But Pushing On

Which is it?

‘People expected us to come here and win, but we have to be realistic.’

For me, I didn`t expect a win, I expected for us … sorry, not expected…. as a Villa fan I EXPECT us to go to any ground in the country and make a good account of ourselves. It isn`t the winning or losing so much as seeing the effort, the desire and the application. If they give their all and are beaten by a better team on the day, I don`t see that many Villa fans moaning.

But when we put up the white flag ? Not acceptable. We gave Arsenal nothing more than a training game and that is not what proud Lions expect. Is it?


I`m confused!
I have hated this season more than any other season I`ve attended and have hated seeing the look of worry/hurt/anger/upset on the Villa fans faces.
The appointment was never going to work and I can`t see any happy ending.
If he stays I just hope the summer spending is stunning and things click, still say it is mission impossible no matter how positive I try (and fail) to be.
Gutted that there are more talks about protests.
I`ve renewed, see you next season!

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