Date: 25th May 2007 at 10:52am
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Vital Villa asked, in a poll suggested by Lee Lindsay and PKing,

What are your expectations for next season?

63% expect Villa to finish between 5th and 7th. Phew, 5th is a tall order, 6th and Uefa might be a good first step though!

12% think we’ll break into the top four. Ahem, not one to be negative, but come on guys, lets be realistic surely?!?!?!?!

10% voted top ten and cup runs.

7% voted 8th -11th

Some miserable buggers out there came up with 5% relegation scrap, so thanks to the non Villa fans for that vote!

That left 1% voting the League Cup, 1% FA Cup and 1% predicting a very average 12th-15th.

Our latest poll asks if we should sign Craig Bellamy.


13 Replies to “Expectations For Villa Next Season?”

  • league title and FA cup will do nicely. (more likely to be 10th and 4th round of the carling cup tho!!)

  • I agree there, we have to be realisistic, also it can depend on how the fixtures fall for a team like us.

  • I just hope we continue to build solidly and don’t repeat the cycle of one promising season followed by two bad ones and replace the manager that we seem to have had for an age now. Obviously we now have a different board with a completely different ethos but I would still prefer steady and solid progress so that any future success we may have is sustainable.

  • I concur Jon.H. Last season I repeatedely said that anything above 10th would be a bonus. We finished where we deserved and like every other club the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ meant we could have finished fith from top or fith from bottom, so 11th was par for the course. Next season is still a season of development, by the end of which M’ON should have been able to move on the players who are surplus to requirements and replaced them with his preferences. Whilst he is doing this it would be nice to have a cup run, but if we have the luck of the draw we had this season (Chelski and Manure) away then it will be difficult no matter who we buy in the summer. How we do in the league is the standard to be judged by. I actually believe that it is possible to break into the top four but highly unlikely. More realistically anything above 7th should be considered a bonus. Slowly slowly catchy monkey. The foundations are still being laid after 25 years of destruction. Next season some of the building work will go onto these foundations. You can build a shed in a few days. A fortress takes a while longer. Make no mistake though, Villa are on the way back. The lion will once again be the king of the jungle.

  • Well put voiceoftheholte. I would also re-iterate that we are entering the second year of the new board’s five year plan to be challenging for Champion’s League, as stated by Richard Fitzgerald.
    We are very much still building for the future.

  • Expectations are a two way thing. We are on here saying we will do this, that and the other. I think the board have expectations of the fans. Is this an area in which we will deliver? I read a great article by Ruud Gullit the other day stating how much difference a clubs fans can make. He said a good set of vocal, passionate supporters are geniunely a 12th man. So forgetting who we may or may not buy, it is up to us to make a difference. The new owners and M’ON have shown they can not just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. We will be able to do the same as supporters. Season ticket sales will answer this!!!

  • top four. Or maybe i’m just so happy with things at the moment it’s clouding my judgement!

  • Expectations are obviously high amongst the supporters, and that is good to see after years of doom and gloom, hoping for the best but very much fearing the worst. As we all know, finishing in a top six place isn’t going to be easy, its guaranteed for no one. As for the Cups. As I’ve said before on here, forget about them. The luck of the draw rules your destiny. If you get a decent run then enjoy it, if you dont, and you’ve been presented with a difficult draw, then tough, get over it.

  • The players we obtain over summer will give an indication of where we will be at the end of the season. The fact that we will actually have a squad of proper players should reduce streaks without a win. If we are still involved in most things in jan and more players join who fancy Villa to be in europe, anything could happen. Top 6 is realistic for the season.

  • sorry to those special few out there but we arent going to break the top 4 this season, 5th to 7th is possible with a consistant good run from start to finish, and should we keep last years good away and improve our home form then yes we can dream europe, but be realistic, its not pesimism…. remember top half finish is better than the past 2.
    its a long season…. 12 pointer vs scum and sick-baggies/derby to send them back down (Y) and 7th/8th finish tops then we are the only midlands team for 08/09 and then aim to build and finish 5th to 7th. he is a little irish guy, but we arent at the big pot just yet 🙂

  • Hopefully though, a decent influx of quality players during the next 2-3 months will see us well and truly primed for a successful season. Lets hoe everyone involved has put in the required groundwork.

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