Date: 26th January 2018 at 1:53pm
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I must have missed this when the Villa View interviewed John Gregory.

For me, they were such happy times so this interview series is fascinating. I loved his time at Villa as coach with Brian Little as manager, and then when he who walks on water left, John Gregory came in as manager he was like a whirlwind and the football matched. We shot up the league and all seemed well. Until, like many a manager before him, he got ground down by Doug.

So here, a series of interviews by Dan and Matt with some great anecdotes. He was very generous with his time as well. No surprise, he`s Villa through and through, which is nice because so are the lads who sat down for this talk with him.

A teaser:

In the first instalment of our interview series with John Gregory we discuss his playing days at Aston Villa. John tells stories of Brian Little’s mischief, Ron Saunders’ whip cracking and Glenn Hoddle’s first touch.

I remember reading in his book John-Gregory-Boss-Out-Shadows that he thought the fans would hate him. Interesting isn`t it? And especially that his attitude was, ‘they won`t like me, I might as well go for it!` There were some big name managers available at the time, so his appointment had been met with a bit of apathy, but as soon as he started, whoosh, up the league we shot and boy did he go for it!!?? (The answer is yes in case you are wondering!)

In the second instalment of the interview series with John Gregory, he discusses how it felt to take over as Aston Villa manager in 1998.

Very funny the way he explains taking the call from the then club secretary Marion Stringer and the subsequent conversation with Steve Stride.

That`s enough for now, I`ll compile the rest for tomorrow. Enjoy!


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