Date: 2nd June 2009 at 3:25pm
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Graham Taylor has told Setanta Sports News that Gareth Barry must have faith that Manchester City will be bringing in the right quality to compete for a Champions League place next season.

It also surely means that Barry has run out of faith in our ability to do the same?

Taylor added, ‘It would also be silly not to say that the amount of money – I’m not in any way suggesting Mark Hughes is going to be going absolutely crazy in the salaries that they give people – has to be a factor. I think Barry’s honest enough probably to admit that.’

He also suggests that maybe Barry simply things, after 11 years at one club , that it is time for a change but wanrs ‘What he has to be careful about, and what I’m sure he’s aware of, is that there’s nothing greater than playing in the international team and playing in a World Cup, and we’ve got that in 12 months’ time. At Aston Villa it’s almost certain he will be a regular player, and I think he would be at Manchester City. I’m not so certain that could be the case at Liverpool.’

Liverpool skipper and bestest mate with Barry, Steven Gerrard has urged his pal to forget Manchester City and look to an Anfield move. Is the talks with City maybe a way to bring out interest from other clubs to save another summer saga?

Gerrard said: ‘Would I still like to see Gareth Barry join Liverpool? Yes. He is a top player. Top players improve your team and squad. He is a Liverpool type of player. He is very clever but he is still an Aston Villa player and I don’t want to disrespect Martin O’Neill. If it happens, then great.’

He also says it is clear when you watch Villa that Barry is ‘their main man, their captain, their leader.’

The battle rages on in our forum on this issue with a fair amount of anger and bemusement… along with some who understand the need for change and obviously the odd extra pound note: Click Here

Meanwhile Martin O’Neill has told the Birmingham Mail that both Steve Sidwell and Nigel Hokey-Cokey are in his plans, even more so if Barry goes surely?

‘It’s been frustrating for them but we need every able-bodied player that we have at the football club and we need players to perform at a high level if we are going to keep our position and maintain it.’ Adding, ‘If we qualify for the group stages of the Europa League we will need bodies, absolutely.’


13 Replies to “Fans Angry At Gareth Barry”

  • Cherrio Gareth! Thanks for the £12-18m Onwards and upwards now. SHould be a good summer.

  • Think positive Petrov, Sidwell, Reo-Coker and Gardner (plus Milner if used there) are a decent central-midfield option. Throw Defour into the mix and next season we will be thinking Gareth Who??

  • im glad he is going to a team that was crap all season and won’t be in Europe next year. Come on MON!!!

  • Yeah let him go to an inferiour club! Fool! Downwards for Barry and upwards for Villa. Throw that £12m into the £20-25m we may already spend and we have a healthy transfer budget!

  • Apart from Sour Grapes, this is clearly a step down for Barry.. I hope he doesnt BS about City competing for the Top 4 or Europe. He has to own up that he’s after the money..

  • Will Petrov be captain, or will MON give the armband to Ashley Young to keep him from Chelsea’s clutches? Will Barry Bannan (whom I believe is better than what Gareth was at his age) be the only Barry on peoples lips in 12 months time? Questions, questions but regardless of Gareth Barry’s credibility (and if he moves to Citeh = nil), I think the club need to show their ambition and intent if we lose GB. Come on Randy and Martin – show us what great footballing men you are!!

  • he is seeing what theyt have to offer. thats fair enough. he hasn’t signed anything yet

  • Barry to Man City’s Mercenaries? So much for wanting Champions League Footy! I could understand Liverpool or Arsenal, time will tell…

  • I wouldn’t begrudge Gareth a move to a Champions League side – bit disappointed if he goes but no player is bigger than the club. Cheers and Jog on. I think, having had the same nucleus for the past few years – it’s time for a bit of a clearout. Sidwell and Hokey Cokey may also respond well to having a different role. UTV – roll on the transfers!

  • Stourbridge – You say time will tell – but this whole saga has done our nut in! And GB doesnt have to make the decision until 31st August. There are many different permutations I guess, and this saga has the potential to run all summer long AGAIN! It’s all down to GB, we’ve played our card by offering a new contract, Citeh have played theirs with the bid, and LFC (if still interested) will wait to see if GB agrees personal terms with Citeh. I wonder if Micheal Standing (GBs agent) will encourage the Citeh move…. puts (former and current) player “loyalties” into perspective….

  • I’d be a little surprised if Barry does go to City, but make no mistake, this is a significant step up. Unfortunately, scandalously, we will be nothing more than a mid-table outfit with only an outside chance of Europa League football. City, with a few more shrewd signings have an excellent chance of taking fourth place from Arsenal this season, and even if they don’t this season, will do the season after. I’m not even going to bother mentioning the reason why all this has come to pass. There’s no point, because nothing’s going to change.

  • ‘Yeah let him go to an inferiour club! Fool! Downwards for Barry and upwards for Villa. Throw that £12m into the £20-25m we may already spend and we have a healthy transfer budget! –
    leelindsay’………………..LOL…come back in 12-24 months and say that mate, lol

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