Date: 24th May 2006 at 9:35am
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A report by Tim Nash today reveals another damning incitement of the current set up at Aston Villa with a reported 40% drop in season ticket sales compared with this time last year.

Before I go on, I’ll happily hold my hand up and admit I’ve renewed. Fair enough, I feel like a mug doing so, but Villa is what I do, that includes going to the games, meeting up with mates (numbers of which have dropped from over ten at Villa to what looks like being three next season) etc. I am fully aware that the best form of attack on Ellis is to not go; but I won’t let my seat go, I’ve had a front row seat by the dug-out for over 10 years and it took me many seasons to get it in the first place! I said a few years ago that we should all boycott one half of a game, the images on camera would have said it all and put immense pressure on Doug; I remember getting slated by many for the suggestion! It now seems to be happening without any organisation AND that should REALLY worry Doug.

Villa only had 18,000 season ticket holders last season, this season looks like being decidedly lower. Doug could have helped matters by removing David O’Leary who a football fans census revealed to be the most unpopular manager in the Midlands BUT would do just as well to remove himself, attract the right investors by not out-pricing the club and finally leaving the Villa to a board with not only ambition but also the ability to follow through on that ambition.

Results of the survey for Villa: O’LEARY: Very Good 0 per cent, Good 3 per cent, OK 11 per cent, Bad 45 per cent, Very Bad 41 per cent
There was a 7% drop in the average crowds last season, down from 37 000 to 34 000. O’Leary happily told us that the fans were flocking back to see his attacking football the season before, last season he was a little less vocal.

Doug meanwhile tells us Villa is his baby and strangely enough has hinted at some transfer action. As I mentioned the other day in an article, he has obviously done a u-turn due to the fall in sales.

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12 Replies to “Fans Boycotting Aston Villa”

  • I actually opening my renewal pack last night and found, that although it says on the front of the envelope price freeze until June 16th, I only have until this saturday to renew (27May)??? Also in the letter it says how they have listened to the survey a

  • we wont have any transfer money, Doug is only saying that to try and get more bums on seats. He did it in January this year and he’ll keep on doing it until he sells up.
    Why is there so much controversy around VP all the ******* time, other clubs must t

  • i think thats a good idea walking out at half time, that would look good on motd lol

  • have you not worked out dds fiendish ways yet ,the man has got to go .He will only listen if no one turns up.Hes turning us into a laughing stock this has to be sorted out.

  • crosswesleyanchapel – on behalf of myself and my brother and 3 others can I endorse what you said – “I’m not renewing. And wont till Ellis goes. Kiss my arse”

  • If Villa is DD’s baby, it is simple, all you have to do is report him to Social Services and the villa will be taken into care!!!
    If you do not act soon the villa could slip away into the mire below!!
    I understand the desire to keep your seat, I could

  • Half-time walk out would be great idea. Can just see Herberts face when he comes back to his seat after half time and he looks across at an empty Witton Lane stand! would be priceless!

  • you have untill june 16th to claim your existing seat, the key dates shown are to try to stop everyone renewing on the last day. Thats what the ticket office told me.

  • If the team perform as we expect them to next season, the half time walk out will probably not have to be organised. It’ll be spontaneous!!

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