Date: 11th April 2018 at 7:21pm
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Aston Villa confirmed earlier today that we had entered into a naming right’s partnership that sees BodyMoor Heath renamed The Recon Training Complex with immediate effect.

The five-year deal sees Recon become our first ever training ground partner but we are far from the first club to take this particular sponsorship path as a way of increasing revenue. The crux of the deal not only sees the name change from a media branding point of view, but it will include media backdrop branding for interviews, LED advertising at Villa Park, digital advertising, access to players and VIP experiences as well as matchday hospitality.

Villa already have a partnership with Recon following the takeover by Dr Tony Xia and their logo appears on the back of our shirts, a growing tie in makes all the sense in the world from a financial point of view, especially with our Championship Financial Fair Play position being somewhat perilous if we fail in our promotion push this year.

Dr Xia said of the deal:

“The naming of Bodymoor Heath, and the extensive package of marketing rights, provides Recon and our group businesses with a unique communication platform to showcase our services and products. We’re very proud to make this announcement and look forward to developing the technological showcase of our offering.”

Keith Wyness added.

“This partnership will guarantee that the club continues to develop best in class training facilities. Investment in our training ground is vital to optimising performance on the pitch and we are glad to be working with a long-term partner to create advantage at Aston Villa Football Club. The training ground is also one of our key revenue generators as we send coaches overseas to spread the Villa techniques and philosophy forming a key pillar of our international plans.”

With fans remaining torn when it comes to Villa Park sponsorship as a means of growing revenues further, it seems few have an issue with Bodymoor Heath being up for grabs.

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Looks like another way of getting round FFP.

At least they didn’t try and rename Villa Park. Credit to the good Doctor. I think Sir Brian would probably have advised against that. I know some people don’t care but personally I hate this anything for money renaming of stadiums.

Yeah, allowing Dr Tony to pump money into the club rather than actually, er, pumping money into the club. If the naming rights end up paying for Sam Johnstone and Robert Snodgrass, happy days.

Is anyone but the media gonna call it The Recon Training Complex? Man U did this and I couldn’t tell you the name of the sponsor off the top of my head, it’s just Carrington to me as our training ground will always be Bodymoor Heath. Money for nothing.

Old Trinity Villain:
That is exactly what it is. A way to increase revenue and stay within the rules. I also expect Dr T is aware of the reaction a name change to VP would bring hence this move.

When the topic of this kind of sponsorship has come up before, largely fans were on board with individual stands being renamed – the caveat was always leave Villa Park alone and that doesn’t appear to have changed for the vast majority.


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  • Villa Park is Villa Park that will never change…… Tell that to the masses that spent a life time at Roker Park or The Bolyn Ground….. Football today is a business £££££££££ rule the way a club is managed and run.
    Did the Arsenal fans want the Emirates Stadiumto be name “The New Highbury” I’m sure my memory serves me right and the fans views were of no Importance when cash was put on the table. Aston Villa will one day get a new ground and it wont be called Villa Park. Stand by for the “Recon Arena” its progress nothing more nothing less.

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