Date: 6th March 2006 at 2:08pm
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Comments from this weekends 1-0 win over Portsmouth show that the fans were pleased with the three points but far from happy with the performance.

The Fear said: ‘That was a bizarre and very poor game of football. How does O’Leary get away with slating the fans and then producing rubbish like that. Think it is him who should ‘get real’ or more appropriately ‘get lost’. Can’t wait for him to leave Villa Park, the man if a fool.’ Adding: ‘3 points is all that matters, but those that weren’t there, don’t bother with the highlights, not unless they are very well cut. The quality of that game was zero. Still, 3 points nearer safety. How the mighty have fallen eh? Still, we do need to ‘get real’ so mediocrity is what Ellis wants to dish up and that is mostly all that O’Leary can muster, so all is well really.’

glensider said: ‘Something just has to give down there. Another dire performance. Pompey are the poorest Premiership team I’ve seen in years, yet still we were totally unconvincing.’

eltoro added: ‘Something has to give soon surely, the fans have gone missing in there thousands, even though Herbert & David ( it’s Sunday so Christian names only!) have what appears to be rose tinted glasses on all the time, Herbert thinking he’s the saviour of this mighty club and David with his snide comments about the fans, he must think his team play football like what’s on offer at the nou camp, well let me tell you both, it isn’t ‘

Vince_AstonVilla says the points were the most important thing: ‘Yep it was a poor game and we played poor but only won because Pompey are poorer but still it doesn’t matter as long as we get the three points.’

andrew144 said: ‘I’d love to see O’Leary do well and take us up the table. One of the barriers to previous success has been getting rid of our manager every 2-3 years. Although realistically the way the team is playing, and O’Leary constantly talking the team down, its looking unlikely he’s going to survive past the summer.’

BFR JNR simply stated: ‘No way good enough David!’

Astonvilla said: ‘We should of thrashed them but poor finishing and good goalkeeping proved otherwise. Defence looked well dodgy at times – especially Ridgewell, and Sorensen’s handling. That aside I thought we played okay and played some good football. Bouma was excellent, and Barry was outstanding (yet again).’

Aronno7 said: ‘Have to agree with everyone and say it was brilliant to have Bouma back, he slotted straight back in and looked class. The guy is just so strong its funny to see people try and go past him only to hit a brick wall! Barry was outstanding and even I have to admit McCann had a decent second half some very important tackles and blocks. Saying that though he was terrible first half. UDLC was horrendous first half, think he had the ball 5 times and passed it to a Portsmouth player 5 times, although he did improve second half as well…no danger of him keeping his place though. Thought it was a poor performance from Luke when he came on, didn’t look particularly interested and we really didn’t have too much up front for the last 30 mins….lets just hope it was a real off day for the lad.’

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  • didnt go, and wont until Ellis does, except Blues as the stepson will never forgive me. From what I saw Phillips should have had a couple and Barry had enough time to scratch his arse, do a little dance and write a review of war and peace by Leo Tolstoy i

  • So many supporters singing the same tune. Surely they all cant be wrong, and DOL right? We know what we’re witnessing, whats being served up on a regular and consistent basis, and we know that it simply aint good enough.

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