Date: 23rd September 2012 at 10:36am
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Saints are a decent outfit. No shame in losing to them. Villa are probably — more or less — on the same level as Saints and Swansea. Hopefully, the fans will keep their nerve. This is a disappointment but the club is moving in the right direction. There might be new faces in January and short of a sheikh or oligarch coming in — a terrible thought — this is reality for the time being.

Absolutely dreadful. I can only assume that they were playing to instructions. If so those instructions have to change. 80% of the time when Guzan or a defender had the ball it was kick it as far as he could up the pitch. Completely aimless. What’s the point of having a midfield if the ball consistently sails over their heads? Why the change from last Saturday when we played some decent football? This time it was all kick and hope. Come on Mr Lambert. Norwich didn’t play like this this last season. We didn’t play like it last week. If we play some football then we have a chance. If not then we will be turned over week after week.
chocolate teapot

westwood was absolutely awful!!!

I’m not worried. We are a better side already than last season, and despite this result we will be okay. It’ll be up and down this year.

Reminder today that were in the *****e and this will be a long old season. Starting 11 is just not strong enough and we will need to fight hard to get our 40 points

Villawillriseagain, I like your positivity but it’s not acceptable to lose 4-1 to anytime never mind Southampton…I don’t know where this team is yet, first we are good, next it’s like this.

Now convinced that Baker should start CB. I find it hard to understand why he is not even on the bench (not injured afaik). Guzan not at fault for a single goal which is unusual in 1-4 game – he did trip their guy though, as you would expect a professional to consider doing in that scenario. Saw it on Fox HD not 175Kb so take my word for it 🙂 And he almost saved it. And one more thing – what on earth was Gabby’s sub role supposed to be ? I wasn’t expecting that sub unless you took Benteke off which I didn’t think would happen

as chocolate said, dreadful today, but I think the midfield just aren’t premiership standard and there isn’t one of the 4 midfielders who would get into a prem team – not strong enough, not big enough, not hungry enough, tackling and passing poor, no creativity or urgency when they do get it, and no vision I think we’ll stay up, and it’s a lot better than last season but he needs to buy a midfield in January!

I don’t think Swansea were that good a yardstick as they got stuffed at home by Everton 3-0! So what does that say about us? A real rollercoaster, but this has ruined my weekend!!!!!!!
Pride of Lions

Very poor second half, Gaston Ramirez had far too much time and ran the game once they scored but i feel that the lads heads dropped after they equalised. Benteke played a wonderful ball through to Bent at one nil that he couldn’t finish on his left and then he smashed a header just wide from a corner that left the keeper helpless… If either of those chances hit the net its a totally different game. But the approach play was useless in the second half, all hoofs for Benteke and him and Bent were too close to each other. But Benteke looks like he’s got quite a bit in his locker and will be a real player once he settles. Lichaj was terrible. Ireland provided a link to the strikers that was sorely missed second half. All in all a day to forget but its a young team and confidence will play a big part all season – not just going into games bit during them too.

We are a work in progress,chill everybody

Agreed kenner, we threw it away yes but it’s a team full of young lads, lessons will be learned now we move on and belt Brom next week.

Stayed up again not so pleased this week. Can’t fault the effort in the first half but execution wasn’t there. Seemed strange to change it at half time but seems Ireland was injured so can’t help that. Not sure Westwood is good enough ATM so would’ve preferred Delph. That’s the poorest I’ve seen vlaar and lowton but it’s a work in progress so going to have ups and downs. Bennett didn’t look great but was in a no win situation really and gabby was played out of position, again. Can still see the fight in the players even though the quality wasn’t there
Aussie Villain

I 100% support Lambert, I hope we can man up away from home though. We will. Easy to forget this turbulence is normal with a new manager, system and side.

We are going to struggle big time. The signings have been very very poor.
We’re Not Fickle

A lamentable performance and a shameful result.

STOP chatting ***** Lambert and grow a pair and confront the penny pinching *****er on the board! Lerner OUT!
Green Villan

We need to remember The Saints were 1 down at half time at home and looking at no points from 5 games. They came out and played like they had nothing to lose and most teams would have struggled to keep the door closed. 4-1 flattered The Saints, we will have days like this but the vision must not change. Give youth a chance no knee jerk reactions and smiles will be back when we chin the Baggies next Sunday.

Obvious it’s a bad result lads but calm down this season it’s a major rebuilding season and was always going to be like this. Lets see you all cheer when we beat Brom next week. Saints were winning against City and United they have a solid team and play good football. We threw it away but it was more their second half fight back than our collapse. The young lads will learn from this. Forget this one and look forward

I’m bitterly disappointed, but I’ll get over it in a couple of days…. it’s what us Villa fans do you know. We beat Swansea, look what Everton did to them. Look what Arsenal did to Southampton and look what they did to us….. Yardsticks and comparisons….
Pride of Lions

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