Date: 13th March 2006 at 1:50pm
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Shock horror, Villa midfielder Lee Hendrie has a supportive following at Villa!

Vital Villa asked last week if – following more paper reports that the midfielder would look to exit Villa Park in the summer if he can’t get first team football – he should be sold.

34% said yes, as long as there is a replacement incoming. 14% said just sell him and the majority – with 52% (always was good at maths) said no, Villa should keep him.

So there you are. What does that prove? Well, nothing actually, apart from how split the fans are on Lee Hendrie! Wonder if that means his testimonial match next season will be 52% full? I think I need to get out more! 😉


10 Replies to “Fans Want Hendrie To Stay Shocker!”

  • You cant really get more of a split than that can you? But if DOL isnt going to play him then whats the point in him staying? As for the new poll, none of those would join the Villa in a million years. How about some realistic suggestions?

  • Hendrie. I heard he played when his contract needed signing. He has some talent but doesn’t show it nearly enough. People used to say he will be a great player next year. Nope. An average Prem player when he bothers is what I hear from Villa fans.

  • If you would of asked me 2 season ago I would of said “get rid of the punk”, although he’s an idiot at the best of times, at least his he wears his shirt on his heart and always has a high work rate.

  • We also don’t have many other options! Losing Hendrie when we have no back up would be clueless and O’Leary left “thread-bare” again.

  • pitythefool, we have had some top managers over the years, with the right investment, of course we could attract a top manager again. Just needs Mr E to leave first. Sven was right when he told the fake sheihk that Villa had potential and were a good ta

  • The ‘put-down’ that has always been directed at Lee, is that he hasn’t fulfilled his potential. Maybe not, but he’s still a pretty decent premiership footballer. He rarely lets us down (on the pitch that is), and is Villa through and through, a passion th

  • With a wheelbarrow load of investment (Chelski style), of course you could attract a top manager. But at the present and with your current set up, I think you’ve got no chance – thats what I mean. Any club could get a cash grabbing top manager with the ri

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