Date: 8th July 2009 at 6:55pm
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Vital Villa is proud to be launching a brand new shop!

We are starting with three designs… great ones at that I think you’ll agree… and will build from there.

On The P*ss My Lord

Come on, that is a classic already!!

Ooh Ahh, Paul McGrath:

and a sentiment I’m sure most of us share:

They are all available from: and sell for a very competitive £9.00 + postage and packing.

For every shirt sold, Vital Villa will donate 50p to Acorns.


20 Replies to “Fantastic Villa T-Shirts”

  • how strange to join just to say you aren’t buying something. Not forcing anyone. Comments removed with thanks. :-0

  • nice shirts, wheres “thefear” shirt? ,lol guess a few ideas will have to wait and see who we have at the club next season , but i would def buy -theres only one emile heskey theres only one emile heske he used to be *****e but now he alright…etc, by far the best song i have ever heard from the holte enders

  • On The p*ss my lord one 😀

    Its brilliant just had to have it, May wear it on match day 😀

    It was a great idea to make these shirts 😀

    Thanks Vital Villa

  • Great designs Fear … Wish you the best of luck with them. As you know we’ve done a few T-shirts over a Vital Pompey and it’s surprizing how many are actually sold.. Love the ‘brand new shop’ idea too and also the donation to Acorns .. Christ I think I’m turning claret and blue …(but then again ;)) Well done fellas great designs and a great idea well executed.

  • Call me paranoid but the shop checkout doesn’t seem secure as in SSL (HTTPS). Mind you I didn’t venture all the way through the checkout, just far enough to discover it’s over 5 quid to deliver to Canada.

  • What if like me you don’t like Paul McGrath or beer? I will wait for the new line to come out.

  • “Don’t like Paul McGrath”!!!!! Sorry that fails to compute – what does – “Don’t like Paul McGrath” mean??? I don’t understand those words being used all together in one sentence.

  • it is secure Canuck, it is done through world pay. Not sure the world is ready … or willing… for a The Fear t-shirt! LOL Yes, sorry YJ, forgot you only drink coctails! lol

  • consider it sorted YJ, hounds of hell have been unleashed and are on the way round to you! :o)

  • Cheers Fear about the secure feedback. I very much like the “On the *****” t-shirt but I think I’ll hold out for the next wave of shirts.. not sure I’d go for a Fear shirt mind you. I have enough explaining to do to (a lot of) Canadians about my Villa replica jerseys!

  • yes, hopefully we’ll get more designs up in the not too distant future canuck_villan, think we’ve got to see the reaction to these and then asses!

  • Could have one that said something like, I have been contributing to Vital Villa for years and all I got was this crappy t-shirt

  • May I suggest a line with myself and dan (young_jonah) smiling broadly on the front? A guaranteed best selling line, particularly amongst female Villans. If you’ve got it, flaunt it, thats something I firmly believe. Vital Villa has Dan and I, consequently why not utilise our handsome profiles?

  • Five quid to Canada is a more than fair and realistic cost isn’t it Canuck_Villan? Wish we could ship t-shirts/Villa leisure wear to the wife’s family in the states at five quid a pop. As it is, I’m working four jobs and all hours just to feed the wife’s shipping to the U.S. habit.

  • lol, good point glensider, something for the ladies is certainly required! Must remember to keep myself OFF them then!

  • Nothing at the moment TuBBz, they are going to add to the shop admin so requests can be put in for usernames etc, trouble is it means printing on individual shirts so would probably be around a fiver to do it.

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