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“Fascinating Stories From Incredible Aston Villa Fans”

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Liam Bryan from new twitter/youtube media channel @TotalVillan has written an article for Vital Villan, one of many I hope!

Fan media has exponentially grown over the past few years, dominating popular social media platforms with content from informative articles to entertaining videos. Specifically within the fan community at Aston Villa, many passionate fans have created YouTube Channels or websites to amuse Villa supporters, engaging them with their charisma and knowledge. Despite more content creators blossoming every day in affiliation with Aston Villa, I would like to draw your attention to a fairly new brand of content. I would like to introduce you to Total Villan, a fan channel where in an eloquent and entertaining manner I share fascinating stories from incredible Aston Villa fans.

Since the beginning of 2020, after leaving The Villa View I had always wanted to create a unique brand of content in relation to Aston Villa. After months of experimenting new ideas with fellow talented Villans, I was able to formulate a new series called On the Line – Life Stories. Through this new series, I aim to give you the viewer an insight into various professions and educate you about important topics within society through Aston Villa Football Club. Despite being in the early stages of launching this series, I have been able to talk to many fascinating individuals about their exceptional life stories.

After only 25 episodes, one of my favourite interviews to conduct was with Businessman Howard Hodgson. Howard eloquently spoke about his progression within the business industry and his many attempts to buy Aston Villa. Also he gave an insight behind the scenes during the 2015/16 Premier League season in which Aston Villa were relegated. Our goal at Total Villan is to simply inform as well as entertain and quite frankly this episode served both of these purposes.

Here are a selection of interviews:

Howard Hodgson | How I Nearly Bought Aston Villa | On the Line – Life Stories #20

Having been a part of The Villa View for 6 months, I was able to get to know the enthusiastic individuals who present for the popular YouTube Channel. For Episode 19 I was able to speak to passionate Villa supporter Chris Dolan. We spoke about Chris’ experiences growing up in Belfast, the importance of music and fashion within Chris’ life as well as how he grew to love Aston Villa. This edition of the Life Stories takes a multicultural viewpoint on life, where, as well as discussing Aston Villa, we discussed popular topics in society such as music and fashion.

Chris Dolan | Belfast, Fashion and Honesty | On the Line – Life Stories #19

Finally the last episode I wanted to highlight to you was Episode 18 with Writer and podcaster for The Athletic Gregg Evans. I spoke to Gregg about the importance of friendship, Gérard Houllier’s museum of memorabilia and a certain Dan Bardell. To speak to such a talented and professional person like Gregg was an honour personally and over the course of 40 minutes, this episode explores a wide range of topics that are personal to Gregg and relatable to many others.

Gregg Evans | Road to Mainstream Media | On the Line – Life Stories #18

With many more fascinating episodes to watch and lots more to come, Total Villan would very much appreciate it if you would subscribe to our YouTube Channel. With the fan media market becoming saturated and the search for unique content becoming increasingly difficult, I can assure you that Total Villan is your new home for intriguing videos on a wide range of topics within society. Please subscribe today for more content coming soon.

And watch out for our forthcoming interview with Vital Villa maestro Jonathan ‘The’ Fear

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