Date: 2nd March 2018 at 1:13pm
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Erod has produced a bunch of fives heroes for Aston Villa:

A bunch of fives with a slight difference, all played at 17 and made their mark on great football club, aye the greatest football club.

Charlie Aitken

Made his debut on the same day as Johnie Dixon played his last game.

The fastest full back I I ever saw, no one could beat him for speed,…….. er except Barry Bridges at the Blues who skated past him and we are one down in a couple of minutes!

Went all the way down with us , and played his part in getting us back to the big time.

First Mercer Minor which I loved as I was 15. It didn`t seem real, playing at school then watching them on a Saturday and thinking in two Year`s this will be me.

John Sleewenhoek

Took over from my first Villa Hero Jimmy Dugdale and the best you can say Jimmy wasn`t missed. Slogger or Tulip was immense with his brilliant tackling. He and keeper Withers kept us up for sure.

Brian Little

It`s all been said about the Little Big man . Arguably our finest ever player. Throw ins were always taken to Brian`s feet, that way we always kept the ball……..simple

Sid Cowans

The finest passer with two feet I`ve ever seen. Could play anywhere , one game when we had injured strikers he played centre forward and looked like he`d been leading the line for years.

Natural right footer, as a kid made himself two footed , fooled the pundits most thought he was a leftie.

Gary Shaw

“Only scores easy goals” they would say . Well if it was easy we`d all score them .

Our most natural goal scorer and a delight to watch his fluent passing game.

Well there`s a bunch of fives proving the saying………If your good enough your old enough.

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