Date: 26th October 2009 at 4:52pm
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Well, it had to happen in the end (in my little paralallel universe anyway) as the club finally realised that Martin O’Neill isn’t the messiah he is a very naughty boy and appoint me as manager.

 JF Manager

My first job was to appoint Meyouldy:

 Don interview board

I’ve yet to decide as what although I’m told he is very good at diving so maybe he can coach some of our youngsters in that art?!

My back up team were selected pretty quickly on with Trekker and DaveM. DaveM when asked how thrilled he was was quoted as saying ‘it’s ok’…. his enthusiasm really is infections. Meanwhile, Trekker told the press as they all tried to leave the room that he once played against Gary Shaw and ….. no, sorry, I also dozed off at that point!

 Trekker and DaveM

Appears from this image that there might be a coup to get me out already… come and try if you want lads, the free champagne in the managers office is mine and mine alone.

 Don and Trekker

If any of you are still reading this…. and if you are, have you ever considered getting out more?!?!?…. these images were taken at the free night for the Lions Supporters Clubs.

The Vital Lions, a new group, is open to you and is FREE of charge to join. You get the perks as listed here:Click Here and also makes me very happy. You wouldn’t want little old me not to be happy would you… best not answer that actually!

Not only that, but you’ll get other exclusive offers, for instance:

We are pleased to offer you the Executive 1874 package for the following home games;

Bolton Wanderers Saturday November 7th
Hull City Saturday December 5th
Stoke City Saturday December 19th
West Ham Saturday January 16th

The normal cost of this package is up to £300 per person, but to Lions Club members we are offering the full package for an incredible £60 per person! IF you join Vital Lions I can then get you an application form over should you wish.

What you get?
Drink Reception
3 Course Meal
Half Time Wine or Beer
Former player meet
Car Parking
Executive Trinity Seating

THe long and short? Join the Vital Lions or miss out on possibly the best thing since sliced bread… Again, to quote DaveM ‘It’s ok’ … as said, how can you argue with such enthusiasm?