Date: 18th March 2010 at 12:04pm
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Apparently there is a 7:20 in the morning, I’d not realised before! Anyway, I’ll be up at that time tomorrow to appear on the Phil Upton BBC West Midlands (95.6FM).

Why I hear you cry, because of your undoubted genius, good looks (which always works well on radio) and charm?

No, no, none of those reasons. This is to do with a competition being run by Continental Tyres’ (an official World Cup Sponsor) which is looking for UK’s biggest football fans.

Not saying I’m a biggest fan, just I was approached due to my running of the Vital Network about this competition and the conversation turned to me – as it always must when anyone talks to me obviously, I am so impotent (!) and my experiences of going down to the Villa just four days before a life saving brain operation back in 1994.

Seems they liked the story and so entered me into the shout for this comp. It has obviously circulated to the press as part of their promo and Phil Upton’s show has picked up on it.

Long and short, I’ll be on the show tomorrow, I am assuming some time between 7:20am and 8am. (Time changed, now nearer 7:20am not the pre-arranged 7:30am)

For details of the competition:

For my entry (thanks YJ for poiting that out!) Click Here

Bit of a shame they are looking for the biggest fan just as I’m doing a sponsored (for Acorns) weight loss though isn’t it?! See: Want To Lose Pounds Whilst Acorns Gain Some?

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