Date: 5th August 2012 at 11:00am
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John Richardson has a report today in The Express saying that Villa owner Randy Lerner, who has just sold the Browns for around $1billion, has put the feelers out to sell Villa also.

Remember Villa CEO Paul Faulkner the other week (see: Villa NOT Up For Sale) said:

‘The Browns situation means absolutely nothing with regard to Aston Villa – neither good nor bad. The big point that people sometimes forget is that he inherited Cleveland – he bought Villa. Any rumours that he could be thinking about getting out or losing interest is nonsense.’

The paper report today says Sunday Express Sport has been told by a reliable source that feelers have been put out for potential buyers of the Midlands club.

A very easy thing to say. I can have a source that believes we are after Lionel Messi. It won`t prove true but I could then blame the source, not myself for the rumour!

They point at the cost cutting as a sign that Randy wants out, as opposed to a sign that the wages got way out of control and had to be brought back in line to fit into the new fair play rules.

Looks a pretty sloppy report to me. HOWEVER. Everything has a price. You don`t have to put a club like Aston Villa up for sale, if there is money (IF) out there, potential suitors would employ the right people to look at different options, much like when Randy wanted a Premier League Club.

It would take a hell of a lot of money to get Villa now though, the figures often mentioned are in excess of £220million put into Villa. I can`t see the owner wanting to take a loss on that, and why should he?

You also have to question what sort of potential new owner would be out there and what would push Villa on? Personally I despise the way Chelsea went about buying the league and could have wept last season when Man City did the same (NO disrespect to the fans of either club by the way, I`m sure they would feel exactly the same way – well, the original fans would, not the new ones attracted by the ridiculous spending and success – if Villa or anyone else did it!). But it is only that sort of owner that would make any real difference to Villa. We`d lose our identity in my humble opinion along the way, some of you disagree I know. It is probably the only way you`ll ever win the league again, but it isn`t really winning it the right way and frankly I think I`d find it boring! I always remember a conversation I was told between an old Chelsea fan and a Villa fan. The Chelsea fan said it had all been interesting but it wasn`t his club any more.

One thing I do trust Randy with is the guardianship of Villa. I trust him 100% that he wouldn`t sell this club of ‘ours` to just anyone. It would have to be someone right for Villa. Personally I can`t see anything imminent happening at all. Is there that much mad money still out there?

If so, Villa, thanks to Randy et al sorting out our infrastructure etc, has to be one of the prime clubs for investment. But that is a massive IF.

Remember Everton have been on the market since the early 1600’s (well, it seems that way doesn’t it?! Shocked no one has come in for them to be honest!) and Newcastle were for sale for a very long time and no one came in for them. Saying you want to sell and actually selling are obviously very different things.

Oh and he hasn`t put the club up for sale, but surely every club, much like most assets, has a price. Only person who truly knows what that price is, is Randy Lerner.


24 Replies to “Feelers Out For Aston Villa Sale?”

  • Can’t see it myself. A bit of lazy journalism I think. Lerner sells The Browns, so automatially he’s selling Villa? I don’t think so myself.

  • new poll asks if you’d like it sold, I notice already 57% say only for richer owner, so I’ve done an article re: the new financial fair play rules as that is the main block to richer owners!

  • Must be true if the Express if says so – after all, the brilliant journalists on that ‘newspaper’ have contributed so much to innovative and informative journalism. Boll***s.

  • I doubt it.He may want his 220 mill back,but how much is he going to lose in the future by investing further into Villa,maybe that is on his mind too.Let’s say Villa is worth about 150mill to a buyer,Randy loses 70mill, that’s less than he would lose over 4 seasons if he invested 20mill a season………….He wont keep ploughing money into us if he can see it isn’t worth it and we do not progress,would you even being a massive Villa fan……………

  • I would not be surprised if Randy did want to sell us tbh lets fcae it the prem league has gone crazy with how much you need to spend each season just to keep up with the rest, Randy is a good owner but wll we ever be able to reach the promise land of the champs league cups etc but we will also not have the worry of seeing our club end up like Pompey or Rangers, For me its not so much what we all want for him to stay or sell its what Randy wants to do also if Lambert does not get some decent fiancial backing this squad is lacking in experiance and most of all quality no matter how good Lambo is as a manager he needs to be able to add players andsome decent ones at that otherwise we will be lucky t finish mid table, so for me if Randy wants to fine i trust him to sel us to a good intentions owner but if he stays he AS to back Lambert to add Quality players

  • Agreed MrFear. Also we should remember that Lerner obviously satisfied the future intentions of Paulambert.

  • Agreed MrFear. Also we should remember that Lerner obviously satisfied the future intentions of Paulambert.

  • VOTH has spoken recently about we don;t need silly money spent by Randy as we have some good youth prospects comng through and i agree but i would just like Randy to dip into his pocket for Lambert just a little bit for a couple of quality players now this does not mean £20million players as there are bargain players out there but our yung kids coulddo with some experianced quality pro’s to emulate just like Fergie does at Man Utd and it helps the youngsters learn and progress

  • Thing is though, it might be true, the Express are bound to have a better source than the man who speaks with Randy every day and runs Villa. I mean, what would the CEO and owner know about these things really!? lol

  • LOL Fear maybe the Express mean by source a way of mind reading Randy or they might know squidley squat andare just writing something to fill some pages as you say lol either way if Randy does want to sell there is many clubs wanting a new owner as you quite rightly state so it would not be easy nor a quick process anyway.

  • well i might aswell come forward… its true. ive made a £180m bid and will make £250,000 available for signings after selling darren bent. i believe i will have a wonderful relationship with the fans and be accepted as i am one. also is it okay if i sack lambert and bring in my own man? his name is mick mcarthy?

  • No way is Lerner going to sell, trust me on this as I know from a well placed source, we will be spending big but it will be done over a period of time rather than the mancitychelsea way, Lerner loves Aston Villa and has no intention of selling FACT.

  • Lerner has been a first class owner. Sure he’s made a couple of mistakes in appointing football managers, which have been corrected at and I think this is important the appropriate time. His overall governance of AVFC cannot be questioned. I for one would be gutted if he sold possibly to the point of shedding a tear!!! Be careful what you wish for.

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